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12 Inch PA Speakers

12 " PA Speakers are generally considered the most balanced speaker size tonally. Our 12” PA Speakers also display great sensitivity and power handling characteristics. If you aren’t sure what size is for you, 12” PA Speakers are a good choice because they do everything well. The 12" mains are a good middle ground if you are seeking the low end punch of a larger speaker without sacrificing the high end response that comes as a result of using a larger speaker. The 12" PA Speakers DJ Molded Speakers are a great choice for various uses from concerts to weddings. Here at Seismic Audio, we offer several models of 12 inch PA Speakers to choose from. Browse our catalog and you will find both powered and passive 12" PA Speakers, as well as 12 inch PA Speakers that can be used as both mains and monitors. Match the Dual 12" PA Speakers with our 18" subwoofers for an incredibly powerful PA System. Make the most of your music with 12 inch pro audio speakers without the pro audio price from Seismic Audio Speakers.