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Handy PA Buying Guide for Houses of Worship

So, you are in the market for PA equipment for your house of worship? With so many options out there shopping can be very difficult. This is especially true when you aren't very familiar with professional audio equipment. Seismic Audio was founded upon the idea that professional quality equipment shouldn't require a bank loan to purchase! we are going to touch on some of the basics of what you will need to know to get the most out of your dollar, as well as touch on some frequently asked questions.

Church Gear

Seismic Audio Speakers is your online source for pro Church equipment without the price tag. Here you'll find a vast assortment of professional audio speakers, audio cables, microphone accessories, speaker cabinets, snake cables and everything you need to make your music rock! Our Church equipment is designed to be durable enough to take on the road and withstand night after night of performance. Our Church equipment competes with all of the big names out there (Yamaha, Peavey, JBL). We use professional grade components so you can use the equipment anywhere from the stage to the studio and get great sounds. Rock it out for less at Seismic Audio Speakers.

Church Speakers

At the church, it's your job to keep the ceremony moving! We can help you do just that for way less at Seismic Audio Speakers. We offer several lines of premium Church Speakers designed just for Church use. Our collection of Church Speakers is perfect for playing all sorts of live or recorded music from club jams to wedding music. Enjoy crystal-clear sounds night after night with our Church Speakers. Seismic Audio Speakers offers the best quality and lowest-priced Church Loud Speakers, Church Monitors, Church Molded Speakers, and Church Speaker Cabinets out there!

Church Subwoofers

Enhance your Church PA System with Seismic Audio Speakers' Church Subwoofers. Using Church Subwoofers will really help motivate your crowd to keep on dancing to the beat. Church Subwoofers offer premium sound quality night after night, so those club beats will be heard the way they were meant to. Our collection of Church Subwoofers includes both 15" and 18" Subwoofer Cabinets as well as a great selection of Powered Church Subwoofers. You can also design your own subwoofer cabinet by buying our empty subwoofer cabinets and adding your own mix of subwoofer speakers! Keep the beat thumpin' for less with help from Seismic Audio Speakers.

Church Monitors

Seismic Audio Speakers has a great selection of affordable church monitors. Our church monitors are designed just for church use. Whether you are playing the local club, bar or larger events such as weddings, holiday parties and more, our Church Monitors are up to the task. Each of our church monitors offers the clearest sound possible, so you can play all types of music from top 40 hits, love songs and even holiday favorites! Our massive selection of Church Monitors includes 10" to 15" standard monitors and floor monitors. We even have Church Dual Monitors in stock to accommodate the needs of any church!

Church Rack Cases

Transport your church equipment from party to party safely and stylishly with our collection of Church Rack Cases. Our premium church rack cases are road ready and built to last. Made from aluminum rails, steel brackets and steel rails, you know these are made tough! Our Church Rack cases are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate all of your PA equipment. They also have heavy duty locking casters, so you can roll your speakers from car to club with ease! Check out Seismic Audio Speakers' collection of awesome rack cases with affordable price tags today!

DI Box

For the best quality sound, add a DI Box to your Church Equipment. DI boxes are essential for any Church PA System, helping to actively buffer sounds to eliminate or minimize any noise, distortion or ground loop. Our Church DI Boxes are recommended for any live sound application. Utilize your Direct Box with instruments, or to connect your PA Speakers to mixers. Our DI Box features a 50K unbalanced TS jack for instruments as well as a parallel out 50K unbalanced TS jack and a 600 ohm Balanced XLR Jack for balanced output. Get your DI Box for less at Seismic Audio Speakers.

Cable Testers

Every church needs a accurate cable tester on hand to ensure that your PA Speakers are functioning properly. This tool will help you determine which component is not working properly so you can fix it, and keep the beats coming. Our Church Cable testers are designed to properly test a variety of church gear including church Speakers, church audio cables, and most other church audio equipment. Cable Testers can accurately test connectivity for Speakon (4 pole and 2 pole), TRS, TS, XLR, Midi, and RCA cables. Ensure your Church Gear is functioning properly with one of our affordable Cable Testers.

Church Gear Packages

Our Church Gear Packages are perfect for any aspiring church. Church Speaker Packages include everything you need to begin to rock the club scene. A variety of essential Church Speakers, Church Subwoofer Cabinets are included in this kit! There's no need to worry if you are getting the proper audio equipment, because Seismic Audio has taken the guesswork out of Church Gear Purchasing! This package is also designed for you to easily add on more Church Speakers as your business grows.