Who We Are - The Seismic Audio Story

Seismic Audio Speakers, Inc.

Changing the Way Musicians Buy Their Gear

Like you, we love audio and want our gear to sound the best it can possibly sound without spending a fortune.  Seismic Audio was founded by Steve Acree with the goal of selling quality gear well below traditional retail prices.  The name Seismic Audio is derived from Steve's initials.  We are a company based in Memphis, TN, dedicated to making the established musician sound their finest. We are also devoted to making the musician who is low on cash, but still needs to sound their best achieve just that. We are a small company that works hard to bring the customers back. We treat people the way we would like to be treated.  Our goal is to get our products in every musician's hands and let them decide for themselves if a $500, $600, $700, or $1000 DJ speaker is really necessary. We are confident musicians will realize they do not have to spend large sums of money to sound amazingly good.

After researching the pa speaker and floor monitor market, it became very clear that consumers were swayed by the marketing tactics of big brand name DJ speaker companies. Yes, these big pa speaker companies make great products. However, they charge big money in order to make big profits and pay for their big marketing campaigns. Our goal is to prove to the consumer that quality pro audio speaker equipment can be affordable and that the $1.00 logo found on the front of a band speaker does not mean it is the best speaker on the market. We want consumers to receive superior pa speakers and not pay for well marketed brand names.

Seismic Audio offers a variety of unique speaker cabinets and music related gear at affordable prices. Don't let the prices deceive you. Just because we are less expensive than the big brand name speaker companies, does not mean quality has been compromised. We eliminate other expenses that the big companies carry.  We are strictly an Internet based pro audio company. By dealing on the Internet, we are able to eliminate the expenses a traditional business would have. When buying from Seismic Audio you are buying directly from the owner of the brand. We have no middle man and are able to offer our speakers at wholesale prices.

Our mission is simple: to provide a one stop shopping experience for all musicians to purchase the best, most affordable Pro Audio gear.  We offer products that cater to everyone from the DJ that is just starting out to the seasoned musician and sound engineer.  Whether you are a DJ that needs DJ Speakers, an establishment that needs PA speakers for Public Address, a KJ or Karaoke Jockey that wants the highest quality, most affordable loudspeakers, or a sound engineer that needs power amplifiers, snake cables, audio cables, or patch cables, think Seismic Audio.  We guarantee a pleasurable shopping experience, outstanding customer service, and bang for the buck, the best PA Speakers, DJ Speakers, Subwoofers, Floor Monitors, and Pro Audio accessories.

How Seismic Audio Started

Steve started selling audio parts from his apartment in 2000 on eBay.
Introduced first line of complete passive speakers in 2001.
Designed first line of Rack Cases and launched a Guitar and Bass Guitar Line of Cabinets. Hired first two part time employees in 2003.
In 2004, we moved to a 6,000 square foot facility and introduced our first line of snake cables.
Moved to an 11,000 square foot facility and hired 3 new full time employees.
In 2008, we launched our own website, seismicaudiospeakers.com and also began selling on Amazon.
By 2009, we had over 500 unique items, including powered PA speakers, powered sub woofers, and amps.
Moved to a 30,000 square foot compound and hired 7 full time employees. In 2011, We began offering products on rakuten.com, newegg.com, and sears.com.
By the end of 2012, we carried over 1000 unique items and had 11 employees. In December, we signed a contract to offer items on bestbuy.com.
In 2013, Seismic Audio added hundreds of new products. We introduced our own line of Studio Monitors and many new Powered PA Speakers. We signed on to sell on shop.com and were featured on amazon.com as one of their Seller Success Stories. We were also featured on the popular website Mashable. Seismic had our first sighting on the big screen. Our PWS-15 speakers were featured in an episode of the hit TV Show, "The New Normal".
2014 was a huge year for Seismic Audio! We were invited to the Sundance Film Festival to provide sound for several after parties and even got to hang out with Flea! We were again featured on TV, as we were featured on two episodes of West Coast Customs. They tricked out an RV with a complete DJ set up powered by Seismic Audio Speakers. We also found a few other TV cameos featuring Seismic Audio gear. We added Amazon Canada and Walmart as marketplaces that carry our product. Seismic Audio now offers 1500 unique products and this year we added 4 more full time employees, bringing our total to 15. Our catalog has grown to the point that in October we relocated to a new 125,000 square foot Corporate Headquarters. It is a very exciting time here at Seismic Audio.
Much more to come in 2015! We plan to add more products and strive to make Seismic Audio your one stop shop for all of your Pro Audio and DJ gear needs! ....... Stay Tuned!.