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10" Subwoofers

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10 Inch Subwoofers - 10" Stage Subwoofers

Strictly the realm of our Seismic Audio Really-Mini-Tremor, this size of subwoofer crosses the gap between live performance and home audio. Amazing for the home studio, the practice room, or as part of a PA system that can pack away inside a motorcycle sidecar. Affordable on the tightest of budgets, this size of sub will let beginning bands and DJs easily afford to add a subwoofer to their sound system. Do not be fooled by the size of our 10" Subwoofer, this thing really packs a punch and provides more low end bass than you would imagine. Take a look around and put one these 10 inch subs in your cart today. You will enjoy free shipping on the best 10" subwoofer at the best price around.