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PA/DJ Speaker – 2 Per Cabinet

Whether you’re a professional musician trying to set up an exclusive sound rig, an amateur group of street performers looking to take things a notch higher, or a club owner looking for an upgrade, a quality PA system is crucial for audio definition and clarity. At Seismic Audio, we provide an extensive and affordable range of 2 PA speakers per cabinet, perfect for live sound venues, weddings, houses of worship, yoga and dance classes, bands, educational facilities, karaoke, themed entertainment, and more.

Our dual PA speakers per cabinet collection is made up of a wide array of speaker units that spoil you for choice. It includes both passive and active PA Speakers that come in different sizes, so you can find one that suits your exact needs. 

PA Speakers for Individual Needs

If you are not sure where to start, you can always begin by reviewing your specific requirements.

SA-100T Dual 10” Pro Audio DJ Speaker Cabinets

For instance, if you are an upcoming DJ trying to cement your place in the ever-competitive, dynamic industry, you need manageable but fully functional dual PA speakers. Our SA-100T Dual 10” Pro Audio DJ Speaker Cabinets would be an excellent fit.

Equipped with a pair of 40oz magnet and Kapton voice call speakers, a titanium horn driver tweeter, and dual ports, Seismic Audio’s SA-100T Pro Audio PA Speakers are neither too bulky nor too light. At the same time, the speaker features a premium build and cutting-edge components such as a peak power rating of up to 300 watts. It strikes an excellent balance between portability and efficiency and is a perfect fit for mobile DJs, musicians, bands, and more. 

Magma-215 15” Full-Range Cabinets

For the club owner or church instrument manager looking to upgrade, a powerful, easily expandable PA speaker is the best. You’ll be happy to know you don’t need to look elsewhere because Seismic Audio’s Magma-215 15” full-range cabinets are just what you need. 

As a passive PA speaker equipped with multiple ports, the Magma-215 15-inch speaker is fully expandable and seamlessly covers an area of 90 degrees by 60 degrees. It has a power rating of up to 2,000 watts, dual 15-inch drivers each equipped with a 3-inch voice call, full-range switchable crossover modes, and a wide dispersion horn.

In other words, our Magma-215 15” full-range cabinets boast headroom even for the most demanding sound applications, and are a complete solution for a wide range of venues, starting with houses of worship to live death metal concerts. 

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Seismic Audio’s cabinets with 2 PA speakers offer over the top performance, exemplary system integration, and incredible user-friendliness. Whether you are looking to purchase your first-ever PA rig or upgrade an existing one, Seismic Audio’s wide range of dual PA speakers got you covered.