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8" PA Speakers

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8 Inch PA Speakers

Our 8" PA Speakers are great choice for applications where a size and weight need to be at a minimum without sacrificing performance. The small size of our 8” PA Speakers make them the first choice for situations where detailed midrange sound is at a premium. They perform well in combination with a larger speaker to create a powerful bass guitar sound. There is no better size for spot monitors in karaoke, band performance or DJ productions. Our 8" PA Speakers feature our Quake 8" woofers and a great low price. 8" PA Speakers are perfect for DJs, Bands, and even Home Audio use. Seismic Audio Speakers Brand PA Speakers can definitely meet the demands of modern sound reinforcement. We also suggest you hook up your audio speakers with our pro audio cables, to get the best sound possible. Keep the crowd at your next concert rockin' with 8 inch PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers.