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Passive PA Speakers - Unpowered PA Speakers

It isn’t tradition that keeps the largest sound companies, bands and DJs from switching to powered PA speakers. It’s the fact that non-powered passive PA speakers are best suited for those who would push the limits of sound while being equally at home as a band or DJ’s first PA system. Passive speakers are controlled from an outboard amplifier that can be situated anywhere in the venue, even outside of it. The same feature lets performers control their own sound reinforcement and lets sound engineers control stage mixes and volume from hundreds of feet away. Whatever sound you need, one of our passive speakers will give it to you. Any style, any genre. Karaoke to public address, Passive PA Speakers are the swiss army knife of live sound. Splitting two pairs of passive speakers across a two channel amplifier will give you separately controlled volumes for each. The same goes for subwoofers, side fills, relays or anything else you might need. Passive PA Speakers are easy to fix and modify. They are also less expensive than their powered cousins.

Our FaultLine Series PA Speakers and SA series Passive PA Speakers feature thick birch plywood cabinets for durability and a warmer sound. They also match up nicely with big name brands that charge more than twice for a similar design. The NPS series switches to shatter-proof ABS plastic and drastically cuts weight from wooden cabinets. They are perfect for the artist on the go. The Lava series splits the difference in weight by using thinner plywood. They produce a giant sound though, using the best woofers and tweeters we could find. The Arctic series is the same but dressed in a brilliant white, perfect for churches, houses of worship, or particularly hip performers. The Magma series uses all of our best components to create a speaker that will stand with anything on the market. Their crossovers allow for bi-amp operation, as well. Seismic Audio even offers two different models of line array at an affordable price for everyone. The SALA and the CLA Line Array Speakers are breaking new ground with each installation or touring act that chooses quality over marketing.

Seismic Audio passive speakers all feature solid construction derived from the attention to detail that goes into them. Equally at home on the road or as an install, our speakers boast premium woofers and titanium compression drivers. Speaker pole cups, recessed steel handles and M20 fly points add more value and versatility to each cabinet. Parallel wired ports allow daisy chaining through Speakon or 1/4” speaker cables.

If you are a beginner or a novice DJ, we offer entry level and budget conscious speaker cabinets like the SA-15.2 Compact PA Speaker cabinet and SA-155.2 Dual 15 Inch PA Speakers. More of an established musician or DJ? You can not go wrong with the SA-15T - our best selling Passive PA Speaker. If you are ready to really showcase your gear, take a look at our professional level Magma Series of PA Speakers.

You’ve found the best bargain in professional audio. The Seismic Audio warranty and satisfaction guarantee means you can try our speakers with confidence. You won’t be disappointed. Not sure which is the right PA Speaker for your application? Give our live sound experts a call and let them help you pick the perfect PA speaker for you.