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Tremor Series PA Subwoofers

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Tremor Series PA/DJ Stage Subwoofer Cabinets

The most complete line of powered subs on the market, The Tremor family has a model available in every size and a price for every budget. The 18” and 15” versions can even power satellite speakers and act as the cornerstone for a complete cost-concious PA system. Sweepable crossovers and high-quality components give you all the features you need from your subwoofer. The self-powered configuration eliminates a lot of extra gear and keeps your gig setups simple and quick. The Tremor Series has historically been a best seller here at Seismic Audio. It is available as an 18" Subwoofer, 15" Subwoofer, 12" Subwoofer and 10" Subwoofer. Shop the Tremor familyof subwoofer cabinets. It is the best subwoofer around for any musician or DJ. Order yours and enjoy free shipping on these amazing subwoofer cabinets.