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To properly configure your PA System and ensure your PA Speakers, Subwoofers, and Amplifiers deliver the best sound quality, you'll need an assortment of Patch Cables. To determine which patch cables you need to set up your audio equipment, check the connection points of your PA Speakers. If you have XLR connections, you'll need XLR cables. Also be sure and familiarize yourself with the venue or stage layout, so you can ensure you have the proper length cable. Many musicians keep several patch cables with different lengths to ensure their audio equipment can be used in different spaces.


XLR Patch Cables | XLR Microphone Cables | XLR Mic CablesSeismic Audio Speakers has the largest collection of affordable patch cables online including many XLR to XLR patch cables. The most common application for XLR to XLR patch cables is to add microphones to your PA System. We have a plethora of microphone XLR to XLR cables in many lengths up to 100' depending on how large your stage or venue is. Our line of XLR to XLR cables also includes standard as well as male to female XLR splitter cables in various lengths and Right Angle XLR Cables to accommodate all your cable needs.

XLR to 1/4"

XLR to ¼ Inch Patch CablesXLR to 1/4" Patch Cables have a variety of uses on the musical stage. Select your perfect set of XLR to 1/4" Patch Cables at Seismic Audio Speakers today. Many colors and cord lengths are available on our XLR to 1/4" Cables. These patch cables are perfect for instruments and speakers with XLR or 1/4" connection points. These affordable XLR to 1/4" cables will ensure your PA System is properly configured for maximum sound quality!

1/4" to 1/4"

1/4 Inch Patch Cables1/4" to 1/4" Patch Cables are most commonly used for connecting instruments to amplifiers in your PA Systems. Using a quality 1/4" to 1/4" patch cable is extremely important as this will ensure that the sounds you play are the sounds that resonate from your audio speakers. Our durable 1/4" to 1/4" patch cables are available in various lengths and different colors for convenience and safety. The bright patch cable colors ensure no one trips over them on stage, and the varied cord lengths ensure you can play all sizes of venues! Check out Seismic Audio Speakers selection of awesome and affordable 1/4" to 1/4" patch cables to suit all your audio needs.


Speakon Patch CablesSpeakon cables are exclusively for professional audio use, and are the industry standard connector for amplifiers and loudspeakers. Speakon cables are available in 2, 4 and 8 pole connectors to safely operate with the high electrical load produced by audio equipment. 4 pole Speakon Cables allow for bi-amping and 8 pole Speakon Cable allow for tri-amping and even quad-amping. Seismic Audio Speakers offers a great collection of affordable Speakon Cables for your PA System including Speakon to TS 1/4" Cables and Speakon to Right Angle TS 1/4" Cables.


RCA Patch CablesRCA Audio Cables are most commonly used by DJs to properly configure connections between their audio speakers and their turntables and mixers. To accommodate the special cable requirements of DJ equipment, we offer the most diverse selection of RCA patch cables on the web, ensuring DJs have the specialized cables they need to keep playing that funky music! Check out Seismic Audio Speakers' selection of RCA cables including RCA to 1/4" Patch Cables, Male XLR to RCA cables and Female XLR to RCA Cables.


Banana Patch CablesSeismic Audio Speakers is proud to be one of the only audio equipment companies to offer Banana Patch Cables. While not frequently used, Banana Cables are required for some PA systems. If you require Banana Patch Cables for your PA System, get them here at Seismic Audio Speakers. We offer high quality, affordable Banana to 1/4" Female Patch Cables in a 3 pack, to ensure you have the proper cables for your equipment setup. For Banana Patch Cables and other specialty Patch Cables, check out Seismic Audio Speakers.

Splitter Patch Cables

Splitter Patch CablesSeismic Audio Speakers offers one of the largest collections of Splitter patch cables on the web. These Splitter Patch cables include a diverse selection of connection points to ensure that all your audio equipment is properly hooked up and ready to rock. Choose from XLR to XLR Splitter Cables, Speakon to 1/4" Splitter Cables, 1/4" to 1/4" Splitter Cables and more. These cables come in a variety of package sizes and cord lengths to accommodate the needs and dimensions of your specific PA System. We've got all your Splitter Cable needs covered at Seismic Audio Speakers.

Right Angle

Right Angle Patch CablesLike our vast selection of Splitter Cables, Seismic Audio Speakers also offers a diverse collection of Right Angle Patch Cables to further customize your PA System. Our affordable right angle patch cables include many different connection points to ensure you have the correct cords for your audio equipment. Check out Seismic Audio Speakers line of professional grade right angle patch cables including standard XLR right angle cables, female XLR to male XLR right angle cables, straight female XLR to right angle male XLR cables and more!

DI Box

Pro Audio Direct Box DI BoxSeismic Audio Speakers recommends the use of one of our DI Boxes for every professional audio installations. Our quality Direct Boxes are made from solid steel for durability. Each Passive Direct Box features a Ground Lift and Attenuator Switch to meet industry safety standards. DI boxes can be used at clubs, churches, and even practice with all pa systems, monitor systems, karaoke or DJ systems. Add our DI box to your cart today, no audio system is complete without it.

Cable Tester

Pro Audio Cable TestersEnsure all of your audio cables are functioning properly with one of our handy cable testers. These affordable and essential cable testers are a must have for any traveling musician or DJ. Your ability to play great music is your paycheck, so it's important to regularly check your audio equipment and cables to ensure they are in good working order. Cable testers can accurately check the electrical currents of all types of audio cables including XLR cables, 1/4" cables, banana cables, speakon cables and RCA cables. Having proper electrical functionality also ensures the safety of your band members and patrons by helping to prevent electrical shocks and even fires from faulty cables. Rock out and be safe by using one of Seismic Audio Speakers cable testers.

Patch Cable Packages

Pro Audio Cable PackagesPatch cable packages are the most economical and convenient way to stock up on all the patch cables you need. Whether you are starting your own band or looking for some extra patch cables, check Seismic Audio Speakers affordable patch cable packages today! We offer patch cable packages featuring some of our most popular patch cables, with various connection options to ensure your audio equipment will rock. Our packages include XLR Patch Cables, 1/4" Patch Cables, RCA Patch Cables, and Speakon Patch Cables. If you don't see the package you need, we always offer individual audio cables...or just check back often as we are always making new audio cable packages to continue to meet your needs!