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Audio Cables

Seismic Audio Speakers has a vast selection of pro audio cables for all of your audio needs. We offer great prices on all of our audio cables to help you rock it out for less. Speaker Cables, Microphone Cables, Instrument Cables and all the Audio Cable Connectors are in-stock at Seismic Audio. Our audio cables come in various lengths to suit any application. Our Pro Audio Cables also come in an assortment of bold colors so people won't trip on hidden cords, and to help you identify which cables are which when assembling and breaking down your stage set up. Buy your Pro Audio Cables today and start rockin' tomorrow.

Patch Cables

To properly configure your PA System and ensure your PA Speakers, Subwoofers, and Amplifiers deliver the best sound quality, you'll need an assortment of Patch Cables. To determine which patch cables you need to set up your audio equipment, check the connection points of your PA Speakers. If you have XLR connections, you'll need XLR cables. Also be sure and familiarize yourself with the venue or stage layout, so you can ensure you have the proper length cable. Many musicians keep several patch cables with different lengths to ensure their audio equipment can be used in different spaces.