About PA Speakers

Preferred Floor Monitors for Music Venues

Make sure your music venue, whether solo artist or band is performing their best with high quality floor monitors from Seismic Audio Speakers. Floor monitors are probably our bestselling piece of audio equipment for music venues. Our floor monitors are perfect for a variety of music venues, projecting great sound quality from a great distance.

Let the great sounding music from your music venue be heard audibly and clearly from any place your listeners stand to enjoy the sounds. Audio floor monitors will help ensure that the lead singer, back up singers and musicians can correctly hear and know where sound is traveling. Our FL-15MP – Pair of Premium 15" PA Floor Monitors with Titanium Horns will greatly improve the audio system for your music venue. Or tryout a pair of 15" Floor / Studio / Stage Monitors or Mains for a very inexpensive addition to your sound system. Floor monitors are aimed towards a performer in order for them to hear themselves and others over other various sound sources. Make sure the lead vocalist can correctly hear the band while performing any type of music they are trained in. Audio floor monitors will ensure that your music venue musicians, and performers can all stay in sync and perform flawlessly for the crowd. A great Pair of Premium White 15" Loud Speakers or Monitors will do wonders for your music venue. Floor monitors are also versatile enough for all the uses music venues need, whether for outdoor art fairs, carnivals, or charity events. Seismic Audio Speakers offers monitors at unbelievably affordable prices, we sell direct and don’t mark up like big brand names. Shop now.

If you're looking for a complete sound system to help elevate all of your church performances, browse our Seismic Audio PA speaker packages. Shopping our PA Speaker packages is a great way to save even more money on speaker sets and accessories. Fill your church with high quality sound that seems to reach towards the heavens. Seismic Audio PA speakers will serve at your church service faithfully!

PA Speakers for Summer Concerts

Be heard at your next summer concert, whether for a festival, community gathering, or summer concert in the park, Seismic Audio has the equipment you need to make any summer concert successful. Seismic Audio Speakers has a wide range of quality PA Speakers for less, shop for your much needed audio equipment today

In the midst of all the fun and excitement, let your voice be heard above the chattering crowd. Whether making announcements at a local event, singing acoustically or rocking out with your band at a summer festival, your voice will ring loud and clear with great sounding PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers. Choose from 12" to 15" Audio PA Speakers. We carry floor monitors which are great for fundraisers, summer concerts, and art festivals! But Seismic Audio Speakers doesn’t just sell speakers, we sell audio stand and accessories as well. Shop audio stands for microphones and even add wheels to speakers, perfect for all types of summer music events when mobility is needed. Audio speakers affixed with wheels are great for moving equipment from gig to gig without any hassle or damage to your sound system. From floor stands, wheels and mounts, your summer concert events will look and sound professional with help from Seismic Audio Speakers. Get high quality, affordable PA speakers for your next summer concert event at Seismic Audio Speakers.

Garage Band Audio Essentials

PA Speakers

Seismic Audio Speakers specializes in affordable PA Speakers for your band. We’ve developed our own line of professional PA Speakers and are selling them lower than all of our competitors. We sell direct, and because we cut out the middle man, we can offer our PA Speakers for less. We also don’t mark up our prices like big brand names, we believe quality shouldn’t cost a fortune. Seismic Audio PA band speakers will sound great and look great, perfect for band practice and live performances. Shop PA Speakers ranging in size from 8" to 15" PA Speakers. Starting a band just got more affordable thanks to Seismic Audio Speakers. Get your garage band off on the right foot with professional sounding PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers. Shop great sounding speakers you can actually afford!

Floor Monitors

Seismic Audio Speakers offers a wide variety of high quality monitors at low prices for your band. Floor monitors are necessary for performers to here themselves and their fellow band mates over audiences and other various sound sources. Ensure you’re all in tune with floor monitors from Seismic Audio Speakers. Shop from 10" monitors to 15" monitors. Seismic Audio Speakers also offers dual floor monitors and floor monitor packages. Our Floor Monitor packages include many of our bestselling, versatile floor monitors. Our floor monitors will put out great sound for years to come. Whether you are an up and coming band looking to amp up your speaker system, or a band just starting out, these floor monitors will ensure you sound amazing at each performance. Sound great for less with Floor Monitors from Seismic Audio Speakers.


Amp up the audio for your garage band with affordable Amplifiers from Seismic Audio Speakers. Only at Seismic Audio can you get professional sounding Amplifiers at such low prices. We know up and coming bands don’t have that rock star budget just yet, so we’re here to help by offering only the best deals on amps! Check out the specs of our amplifiers including standard stuff like input gain, stereo, parallel and bridge settings. Many amps feature a ground left switch to prevent that annoying humming sound from interfering with your bands music. Our amplifiers can provide 4 to 8 ohms of power to your music so you’re sure to be heard over the loudest of crowds. We even offer amplifier packages, featuring a great combination of speaker amplifiers and guitar amplifiers to magnify your garage band sound! Shop through our amplifier selection now.


Level out your garage band’s music with a quality yet affordable Subwoofer. Seismic Audio Speakers offers subwoofers at low cost for bands just starting out. Subwoofers are intended to augment the low frequency range of loudspeakers covering higher frequency bands. You’ll get the very best sound when you include a subwoofer for your band’s live performances. Start using high grade audio equipment without breaking the bank. Seismic Audio offers a great selection of subwoofer cabinets to make your band sound its best! Our subwoofers were designed to produce great sound quality at even the loudest volumes. Shop our subwoofer selection and get great garage band essentials like our 18" Pro Audio Subwoofer Cabinets, 18" PA Bass Subwoofer Cabinets, 18" Down Firing Pro Audio Subwoofer Cabinets, or even 15" PA Subwoofer Speaker Cabinets with Pole Mounts. Out out a professional sound with Seismic Audio Speaker subwoofers.


Seismic Audio has all the cables you’ll need for your band to sound it’s best. Shop snake cables, Audio Cables, and Patch cables here at Seismic Audio Speakers. Our Snake Cables offer a way to house many of your microphone cables in one heavy-duty common outer jacket for faster set up and tear down. Using snake cables will put less strain on the power amplifiers, and you’ll be less likely to trip over all the cables on stage. Get a wide range of audio cables for less here at Seismic Audio Speakers. Choose from Speaker Cables, Microphone Cables, Instrument Cables and Audio Cable Connectors, we have it all. To properly configure your PA System and ensure your PA Speakers, Subwoofers, and Amplifiers deliver the best sound quality, you’ll need an assortment of Patch Cables. Discover a better way to shop for your audio equipment for your garage band here at Seismic Audio Speakers.


Guitar Cabinets are another important audio essential for up and coming bands. Shop through our extremely popular line of high-quality Bass Guitar Cabinets. Bass guitar cabinets just happen to be one of Seismic Audio’s specialties. If you are a musician working with a budget, our guitar cabs will suite your needs greatly. Our collection of Bass Guitar Cabinets includes 4×10 Bass Guitar Cabinets with or without horns, 2×15 Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinets, and 1×15 Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet. Many of our Guitar Speaker Cabinets also feature Tolex Covers with Volume Control for added convenience. Get the best sound for your money here at Seismic Audio. Shop our selection of Guitar/Bass cabinets for your band today!

Microphones & Stands

Look good, and perform your best with microphones and stands from Seismic Audio Speakers. Once you have the speakers, cables, monitors and cabinets, microphones and stands and accessories will tie you whole audio system together. PA Accessories microphones and stands are the vital elements in creating the very best sound for live performances and even for band practice. Every lead singer needs a great quality microphone and stand, even the back up vocals need a well positioned microphone stand as they play the bass, keyboard, guitar or drums. Shop through our excellent selection of PA System Accessories including PA Stands, Speaker Rack Cases, swivel and locking casters, speaker wall mounts and ceiling mounts. Get all of your microphones, stands and audio accessories for less here at Seismic Audio Speakers

Affordable Amplifiers for your Band

Whether you’re just forming a band or are currently in one, Seismic Audio will be your best go to Audio supplier. Seismic Audio offers Amplifiers for a variety of venues and performances. Make sure your band is in tune and sounding their best with the proper audio equipment.

At Seismic Audio, you’ll get the very best prices for high functioning audio equipment such as Amps, Speakers, and more. We can provide the very best products for the lowest prices around because we’ve eliminated the middle man, allowing us to sell direct. You won’t find prices lower than ours for equipment that performs so amazingly. We don’t overprice our audio equipment like our brand name competitors, which is a great thing for aspiring musicians!

Shop our affordable Amplifiers for full sound and great power. Browse our Amplifier selection and choose from basic amplifiers, microphones, and amplifier stands. With our affordable amps, you’ll get great quality for less. Allowing your band to spend your money on many other essential things. Remember, great sound shouldn’t cost a fortune. Shop Seismic Audio for your bands affordable Amplifiers.

Audio Cables Musicians Need

Generally speaking, musicians need a lot more audio cables to complete their speaker system setup on stage. This is because bands have more members, each needing a microphone and their own set of instrument speakers to setup.

In order to ensure a flawless performance, have a crap load of audio cables on hand, just in case one is not working or you need to modify your setup based on stage dimensions. Some stages are bigger, meaning you might need longer cables than you are used to having. Nothing is worse for your band than not being able to have your stage set up the way you like.

Musicians will also require instrument and microphone cables to properly hook up these items to speakers. You'll be able to find various lengths of both microphone cables and instrument cables here at Seismic Audio Speakers.

Patch cables and snake cables are also frequently used by musicians and bands, especially those with larger audio systems. Snake cables offer musicians the convenience of plugging in all of your microphone cables in one heavy-duty common outer jacket for faster set up and tear down. Additionally, using a snake cable will send less stress to your amplifier and you won't be tripping over a ton of wires on stage.

PA Speaker System Tips and Tricks

If you are looking to get sound out, you need a PA speaker system. PA speakers amplify sound so that audiences can hear speakers and music. PA speakers are used by DJs, churches, and anyone wanting to make some noise. Here are some tips for making your PA speaker system the best!


  • Rehearse: Just like any performance, your PA speakers and components should be given a dry run before needing to perform.
  • Buy Quality: A PA speaker system will be in place for years, so you should buy the best PA speakers and amplifiers you can afford. Thank goodness for Seismic Audio, which produces high-quality PA speakers at a fraction of the cost.
  • Upgrade to powered PA speakers: Powered PA speakers replace amplifiers and the accompanying cables. Powered PA speakers come with the power and all connections built into the cabinet. This all-in-one design makes set-up easier and less easy to mess up.
  • Add thump to your system with subwoofers: A subwoofer produces the lowest of low notes, usually an octave or two below where many PA speakers can effectively operate.
  • Get the right audio cables: Audio cables hook everything up. Seismic Audio carries a range of audio cables, from snake cables to your basic connectors.

    5 Pro Audio Cables Every Musician Needs

    Seismic Audio Speakers has one of the largest selection of audio cables around. We have all the cables you need to power up your PA System, and then some. If you are just starting out and have no clue where to begin when it comes to audio cables, learn about the top 5 audio cables right here. This should cover the basics so you can hook up your speakers and rock it out.

    Speaker Cables

    Well clearly, if you have PA Speakers that you want sound to come out of, you're gonna need some speaker cables. It's pretty simple, but there are many types of speaker cables to choose from. Speaker cables come in many lengths so you can play at any size venue. It's a good idea to have several speaker cable lengths on hand, just to ensure you can properly set up your stage. Speaker cables also come with a variety of connection options. There are speakon cables, 1/4" cables, XLR cables and many more. If you are unsure of what you need, just look at your speakers. It will say what type of connections they have. See, that was a lot easier than you thought.

    Instrument Cables

    Bands will definitely need some instrument cables if you'll be playing live music rather than recordings. Just like speaker cables, instrument cables come in many lengths so you can cover the entire stage. Make sure you have several cord lengths on hand when you are touring. Again, you'll also need to check the connections of your instrument and the speaker you'll be hooking it up to. This will allow you to choose the proper connections on your instrument cables. And of course, of you have a guitar, make sure you buy guitar cables and not keyboard cables.

    Microphone Cables

    Whether you will be singing, or just doing some shout outs to the audience from your DJ booth, microphone cables are essential. Ensure that you have enough microphone cables to accommodate the number of microphones in your band. We'd hate for someone's mic to be not working. Also check the connection points on both the microphone and the speaker to ensure you choose the proper cable connectors. You can modify any existing cables you may have by purchasing cable connectors and switching them out. Next, make sure you buy a microphone cable with enough cord that the singers can cover the entire stage without ripping the cord from the speaker. That would be really bad.

    Snake Cables

    Snake cables are a great audio cable for larger PA systems setups. Snake cables can house many microphone cables and offer a one stop plug in shop, so you won't have as many cords being hooked up. You can get snake cable boxes with 8 to 32 channels to accommodate any audio system. While snake cables are not required for every pa system, it can be a helpful tool to help you set up and break down your gear quickly, and with a lot less work if you have a larger system. Snake cables are available with and without the box, and in splitter snake cable varieties.

    Patch Cables

    Patch cables are a must for any PA system. Patch cables come in fun colors, different cord lengths, and with endless combination of connectors. These options allow you to configure and reconfigure your PA System to accommodate different staging needs, or to change up your formation on stage. Patch cables are used to hook up mics, connecting instruments, adding amps and loudspeakers and more. These cables are also good to have on hand, in case your normal cables are not functioning, or if they become broken as you rock the encore. So grab some patch cables, you'll use them - trust us.

    Get Loud At Your Concert With Amplifiers

    Live musicians love using our affordable amplifiers to help them get louder at concerts. Amplifiers clarify sound quality put out by your awesome musical and vocal talents. Seismic Audio Speakers has two great amps to choose from, the LE 2000 model and the LE 3000 model. Each delivers 2 channels and 3 modes of excellent sound.

    Most musicians who use amplifiers usually utilize bridged or mono modes on their amplifier for the best sounds. Mono mode is most common, unless you are running subwoofers too. Mono mode on your amplifier is used with one input but two outputs.

    If necessary, you can also use your amplifier in stereo mode, but this mode more frequently used by DJs. Regardless, get an amplifier and amp up your concerts. You will rock. We know you will.

    All You Need to Know on Amplifier Modes

    Are you new to the music biz and feel like you are the only one who doesn't know what the difference between amplifier modes is? It's ok. We're sure there are even some experienced musicians who could use a little clarification - but they will never admit it. That's ok, you can get the 411 on amplifier modes right here at Seismic Audio Speakers, anonymously.

    Ok, so there are 3 amplifier modes, Mono, Stereo and Bridged. We can't really tell you which mode you should use, because it truly depends on the situation. So we'll give you a couple scenarios to help you decide.

    If you are only using one input of your amplifier, you should probably use the mono mode. Using mono mode in this instance will allow you to use one input, while allowing output on both amp channels. If you don't have a mono switch on your amplifier, you can use a splitter cable and use both inputs from a single output.

    Typically, if you are using both left and right inputs of your amplifier, you should use stereo mode. This mode is usually utilized by DJs more so than live bands. Stereo mode will help you to provide true stereo separation between the amp inputs and outputs.

    Finally, Bridged mode is when you use one input channel of the amplifier to combine the power from both channels output into one single output. This mode is most commonly used when powering subwoofers. For example: If your amp is rated at 400watts x 2 at 4ohm, it would be 800w x 1 at 4ohm when used in bridged mode. Using the bridge mode on your amplifier will boost your power, but ensure that you are not exceeding the min. ohm load.*

    *ALWAYS check with the amplifier manufacturer to find out the minimum and maximum ohm load ratings. Exceeding these limits may result in permanent damage to the amplifier and/or speakers. Different manufacturers use different methods to achieve mono, stereo, or bridged settings. Check the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer of your amplifier if you are unsure of how to hook it up.

    Amplifiers Are Awesome

    Seriously, our amplifiers are awesome. Why? Lots of reasons. If you really can't figure out why our amplifiers are awesome on your own, we'll tell you, cuz we're nice like that.

    The price of our amplifiers is unbeatable. Where else can you get a quality made amplifier for $199 or less? Nowhere.

  • Our amplifiers perform, for a really long time. 3 modes, power LEDs, and a ground switch to eliminate hum and a dual DC fan to prevent overheating; these amps are effective with any speaker system.
  • Impressive technical specs - for those people who are into technicalities. Here's the specs for the LE 2000 Model: Input Impedance Balance: 20K ohms, Non-Balance 10K ohms, Frequency Response: +0, -0.2 dB, 20Hz to 20KHz, Frequency: 50/60 HZ, Input Level +4 dB, Input Voltage: 115/230V AC. The specs for the LE 3000 model are even more awesome.

    Now do you get how awesome SA amplifiers are? We thought so.

    Benefits Of Using Powered PA Speakers

    Built in Amplifier

    Powered PA Speakers are separated from regular PA Speakers because Powered PA Speakers feature a built in amplifier. Regular PA Speakers require having a separate amplifier to amplify sounds, but with Powered PA Speakers you don't have to worry about that. While there are some instances where having a separate amplifier is required, using powered PA Speakers is a great alternative. Choose from 15" and 18" Powered PA Speakers to add to your existing PA System, or use them to build a new one!

    Plug and Play

    The best thing about Powered PA Speakers with built in amplifiers is that they are simple to use, you literally just plug them in, and they deliver awesome sound! In addition to having built in amplifiers, Powered PA Speakers also have all the connections built in, so you don't have to worry about getting the right sound balance, it's automatic. This feature is especially helpful for new musicians who are learning what sounds best. It's also more convenient for traveling bands, easing the setup and tear down process.

    Affordable PA Speaker Power

    Perhaps the best benefit our line of Powered PA Speakers offer that other do not is the ease on your wallet. Our Powered PA Speakers are the most affordable Powered PA Speakers on the market. But don't worry, just because they are affordable doesn't mean they suck. In fact our Powered PA Speakers rock, that's why more musicians choose them over other brands. Seismic Audio Speakers helps musicians and DJs rock for less, delivering quality audio equipment such as Powered PA Speakers at a great price. You'll get the same quality, clear sound from our speakers that you would expect for over-priced brands, but for way less.

    Features Of PA Speakers

    At Seismic Audio Speakers, we specially designed our line of PA Speakers to deliver the sound and durability you need from your audio equipment. Our PA Speakers feature varied sizes, several input connection types and more while delivering the best sound quality. Learn about these and other features of our PA Speakers below.

    8 Inch -15 Inch Size Speaker Cabinets

    When you are creating your PA System, you'll need a variety of PA Speakers to ensure your music is done justice. That's why we offer several sizes of PA Speaker Cabinets. The sizes we offer are 8" Main Speaker Cabinets, 10" Main Speaker Cabinets, 12" Main Speaker Cabinets and 15" Main Speaker Cabinets. Within these speaker cabinet sizes you'll find standard speaker cabinets to premium speaker cabinets, speaker cabinets with subwoofers and even empty speaker cabinets. We also offer some specialty PA Speaker Cabinets such as Floor Monitors, Guitar Speaker Cabinets and Subwoofer only cabinets.

    Crystal Clear Sound

    No matter which size of PA Speaker you choose, you are guaranteed to get the crystal clear sound you desire. Crystal Clear Sound allows each note and word of your music to be heard clearly, even in the nosebleed section. It's also important to have this crystal clear sound when recording in the studio. You don't want to have any unwanted noise, feedback or skipping on your album. Our PA Speakers will have the best sound when used with our high quality audio cables, to ensure the sounds you put in, are the sounds that come out!

    Optional Woofers

    If your band likes to play loud music, it's important to have subwoofers as part of your PA System. Our Subwoofer Cabinets are available in sizes of up to 18" to truly get that beat thumping. Many of our standard PA Speakers also include titanium woofers inside the cabinet already. We also offer a great selection of raw woofers that you can use to create your own Subwoofer cabinet with our empty speaker cabinet boxes. Don't worry, Seismic Audio Speakers has all the Subwoofers you'll need at everyday low prices.

    1/4 inch & Speakon Inputs

    Each of our PA Speakers includes a variety of connection options, so you can hook up your gear to the speakers with ease. Most of our PA Speakers includes both 1/4" inputs and SpeakOn inputs. Most microphones and guitars use these types connections, so you can hook them up to your speakers without any hassle. These connection options are also available on many of our high-quality audio cables, so those can be connected with ease as well. Using our audio cables, snake cables and patch cables will ensure that your connections are correct.

    1 Year Warranty

    We're sure that your PA Speakers will last many, many years of even the hardest use. They'll continue to produce great music no matter how loud you play, how often you play and how much traveling and wear they endure. But, just in case, we warrant our PA Speakers for one year. We also have a money back guarantee, that means if for whatever reason these speakers don't rock your world, we'll take them back, no questions asked! We're that confident you'll love our PA Speakers.

    Tips for Choosing DJ Speakers

    If you’re a DJ, you’re going to need some amazing DJ speakers. While your friends might have dropped major cash on name-brand speakers, you can save money on your DJ speakers by shopping at Seismic Audio.

    DJ speakers pump up the noise and get people dancing. PA speakers for DJs have a dynamic range that can handle peak levels for extended periods of time.

    Keep in mind that if you are purchasing passive DJ speakers, you will ned to purchase an additional amp and power supply to hook everything up properly. If you want to avoid this type of set-up, go for powered PA speakers.

    One of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck is to get dual DJ spearkers. Our Dual DJ speakers feature Seismic Audio Spears along with great extras like titanium horns and tweeters for extra beat-thumping sounds at the club.

    Why PA Speakers Rock

    PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers will literally ensure the beat goes on! Using a combination of our PA Speakers to create your own custom PA System will ensure that your music is heard loud and clear by fans and party-goers alike.

    PA Speakers help bands rock at live events and in the studio by producing great quality, accurate sounds. There's no need to worry that your voice will come out of the speakers sounding weird or inaccurate, because our PA Speakers simply weren't designed to do that. Our PA Speakers are designed to make your band rock! Whether you play loud rock music or lighter pieces, your fans are sure to love the great acoustics at your next concert. PA Speakers, Subwoofers and Guitar Cabinets will all enhance your concerts by giving off great sounds that fans can sing along and dance to.

    PA Speakers including subwoofers can also help party-goers really get down at the next event you DJ. The beats of the music will literally race through their bodies when you use PA Speakers and subwoofers to help crank up the volume. Slow songs will also be resonated with great clarity so people can enjoy a slow dance or two. With great PA speakers, the party patrons will be booking you - the rockin' DJ, for their next gig!

    Enhance Your Music With PA Speakers

    Our pro quality PA Speakers will truly enhance any type of music your band is playing. PA Speakers are also great for enhancing the tunes DJ's spin at weddings and other special events

    PA Speakers enhance the music during live concerts and studio recordings in a number of ways. First, PA Speakers allow your music to be heard clearly throughout the venue, even in the nosebleed section. PA Speakers also produce crystal clear sounds, so each note you play and word you sing can be heard clearly, encouraging fans to sing and dance during your concert. Adding subwoofers and guitar cabinets to your collection of PA Speakers will further enhance your concert by highlighting the alternative sounds and guitar strings that are being played. Similarly in the studio, using a variety of PA Speakers will help define your musical talents from the rest of the pack as you record your album. The notes you play, the words you sing, and the guitar solos that occur will be heard as you meant them to be heard.

    Just as PA Speakers enhance the performance of live bands, DJ's can also benefit from the crystal clear sounds produced by our PA Speakers. People trust DJ's to spin the latest jams, and many popular songs are meant to have some bass! This is where using our PA Speakers and subwoofers can help truly amplify those sounds as people dance and party. PA Speakers will also ensure that the words of the song are heard without static of feedback, which comes in handy at weddings where the crowd is silent as the bride and groom sway to the slow beat.

    As you can see PA speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers can enhance live music for bands, and pre-recorded music that DJ's spin. Having great quality sounds will help your band or DJ business really take off!

    Affordable PA Speakers – How Do We Do It?

    We often brag about how our PA speakers demonstrate the same level of quality that you’ll find in brand names but at a fraction of the cost. You might want to know: how do we do it?

    We consider it important to make any musician sound their best without having to break the bank. We know that musicians do not have to spend a lot of money to have a career.

    Our first step was to research the PA speaker and floor monitor market. Doing so, we discovered that consumers most frequently shop by brand and marketing tactics. We don’t blame musicians for this: the PA speaker companies spend a lot of money trying to capture the market. They produce a quality product, but charge you a premium for the name and marketing.

    So we went out and figured out how to create speakers that provide excellent quality and instead of focusing on marketing our label, we chose word of mouth and good quality as our marketing tactics, leaving you paying just for good quality speakers, and not marketing gimmicks or labels

    Our PA speakers and audio gear comes at a good price and the best quality. We sell our PA speakers strictly through the Internet, thus eliminating the costs of a traditional business. You buy direct from us and save money.

    How PA Speakers Work

    PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers are designed to work great! All of our awesome PA Speakers including Subwoofers and Guitar Cabinets work to ensure that what you sing into the microphone and play on the instruments is what is heard through the speakers.

    Our speakers work best when they are connected to your musical instruments and microphones using our Pro Audio Cables and Snake Cables. Our cables are just as durable as our PA Speakers and will ensure that the sound is delivered to the speakers quickly and correctly

    Seismic Audio Speakers' PA Speakers have a variety of output and input connection options including 1/4", SpeakOn, and XLR options. Our Audio Cables and Snake Cables also have these types of connection ports so you can connect whatever you need to.

    Once the sound is transmitted through the Audio Cable it reaches the PA Speakers, that are equipped with titanium compression driver, varied frequency response of 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz, and up to 800 Watts RMS per cabinet to deliver the crisp, clean, loud sound you desire.

    Some of our PA Speaker Cabinets are also equipped with Subwoofers and other horns and tweeters to give added dimension to your musical talents!

    Benefits Of Seismic PA Speakers

    The only difference you will find between Seismic Audio Speakers brand PA Speakers, and other well known PA Speaker Brands is the logo on your speaker! When you pay high prices for those other brands, you are simply paying for their logo, when you can get the same great quality product for a whole lot less here at Seismic Audio Speakers. Read on learn more about our affordable prices as well as the other benefits of using PA Speakers and other pro audio equipment from Seismic Audio Speakers.

    Affordable PA Speakers

    As you can probably tell, our prices are pretty low! Here's why. We think it's ridiculous for musicians, whether they are just starting out, or just don't want to waste money on overpriced pro audio gear. So, we developed our own line of awesome audio equipment, including the best PA Speakers for the price! Our PA Speakers produce the same crystal clear sound that those expansive brands do for much less! Try them out for yourself today, and if you are not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money. Great sound for a great price, means more money to spend on marketing, song writing, and traveling!

    PA Speakers Produce Crystal Clear Sound

    Like we said, our PA Speakers produce crystal clear sounds just like expensive audio brands. Really, they do. Thats' why so many musicians have switched over to Seismic Audio Speakers. When you use our PA Speakers to play at concerts, bars, clubs, weddings, churches, and even in your garage, your music will sound amazing. Even those fans in the very last row will be able to sing along word for word because they'll be able to hear every note and sound as if they were in the front row. You'll also be able to set up your PA speakers in the studio and produce a rockin' album from that is sure to go platinum!

    PA Speakers Are Durable

    Musicians like to rock....hardcore. Our PA Speakers not only produce crystal clear sound at an affordable price, but they will withstand even the craziest concerts. We know musicians and bands are pumped when they perform, and sometimes they are a little rough with the equipment, but our PA Speakers can handle it. Our PA Speakers will not only be able to last though the concert, but the road trip to the venue, and onto the next concert, while not losing any of the sound quality! Buy the longest lasting, best sounding PA speakers on the market here at Seismic Audio Speakers.

    How to Choose Amplifier Modes

    So you have the PA speakers and an amplifier. How do you choose amplifier modes? If you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends, read on. Amplifiers feature 3 modes: mono, stereo and bridged. Because performance scenarios determine which amplifier mode to use, we’ll give you a few situations so that you can choose the proper mode for your next performance.

    Should you have only one input for your amplifier, choose the mono mode. In this situation, the mono amplifier mode allows you to use one input while allowing output on both amp channels. Some amplifiers do not have a mono switch, in which case you have the option to use a splitter cable to use both inputs from a single output.

    In instances where you use both the left and right inputs on your amplifier, choose stereo mode. DJs more commonly use this mode. What’s more, stereo mode helps provide true stereo separation between the amp inputs and outputs.

    When you use one input channel of the amplifier to combine power from both channels’ output into one single output, choose bridged mode. Bridged mode is usually used when powering subwoofers. By using bridge mode on your amplifier, you can boost power while ensuring that you are not exceeding the ohm load.

    If you are ever in doubt, you can always check with the manufacturer to discover the minimum and maximum ohm load ratings. Different manufacturers use different methods to achieve mono, stereo, or bridged settings. Check the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer of your amplifier if you are unsure of how to hook it up.

    Uses Of PA Speakers

    When you have a great PA System from Seismic Audio Speakers you can use it to keep the music playing at a variety of places. Whether you are a seasoned band, or just starting out having great quality audio equipment will help your music sound better, which will help you land more gigs and get on the fast track to success. Play these places using your PA system and you're sure to be invited back for years to come.


    Concerts and local gigs are the most common place we see our audio speakers used. Local bands need great quality audio equipment from Seismic Audio Speakers to help their music be heard the way it was meant to. The audience needs to hear each beat, even from the last row of the venue. By using our PA speakers at these events, whether just at the local bar or a sold our crowd at a large arena, you'll be able to rock. PA Speakers can be used even in small venues, such as churches and weddings to produce a crystal clear sound as the bride and groom dance their first dance, or the church choir sings during the holidays. Our PA Speakers are perfect for all these events because the each beat of the music and your amazing singing voice can be heard clearly!

    Studio Recording

    Now that your band has gone from playing the club and bar scene to large sold out venues, it's time to record an album! Maybe your band doesn't quite have the budget for a private recording session at a large record label, but you can get record label studio quality sound with our PA Speakers. Our PA Speakers will ensure that your music and singing comes across loud and clear as it's being recorded. PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers will never give off static, fuzz or random volumes to maintain the quality of your albums. An awesome album is sure to go platinum with help from the defining sounds your PA Speakers produce.

    Powered PA Speakers Get the Word Out

    Powered PA speakers may be the priciest PA speakers, but they get the word out like no other, regardless of whether you represent a church looking to give sermons more impact or a band looking to get the clearest sound.

  • Powered PA speakers offer better sound quality because the amplifier is included – no need to combine the right power amp with the right speaker.
  • Because the power connections are built-in to powered PA speakers, sound distortions are avoided and you get the best sound no matter what.
  • If a sound expert isn’t always connecting your PA speakers, the included power connections prevent mistakes and make packing up a breeze.

    Powered PA speakers have great sound and ease of use that is well worth the price.

    What Are Powered PA Speakers

    Powered PA Speakers offer musicians more convenience and often better sound quality than active PA Speakers. The differences between PA Speakers and Powered Speakers are numerous.

    Powered speakers are far more convenient than regular PA Speakers because they contain amplifiers and all power hookups are built right inside the speaker cabinet. There is no need to haul around connectors and additional amplifiers. Furthermore, this eliminates connection errors such as, sound distortions, reduced sound quality and damaged audio equipment that can occur when speakers and amps are not powered properly.

    Seismic Audio Speakers specialized in Powered PA Speakers. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the right Powered Speaker for your needs. We offer a huge selection of Powered PA Speakers for musicians, DJ's and churches. Each of our Powered Speakers have the proper power connections and high efficient amplifiers built in for your convenience. Many Powered PA Speaker sizes are available, including our popular Enforcer II PW 18" Powered Pro Audio Subwoofer Cabinet. 8", 10", 12" and 15" Powered PA Speakers Models are available as well.

    What is Gaffers Tape?

    The most common use for gaffer tape is securing cables to the stage floor or other surface. Gaffers Tape is commonly used in television recordings, live band performance, wedding DJs, and other musical events. Camera assistants use short strips of different colors to lay blocking markers for actors. Similarly, a narrow version of gaffer tape, called spike tape, is used in theater productions for floor layout. In the absence of console tape or artist tape, live sound engineers may use a strip of white gaffer tape along the bottom of a mixing board, to label the channels used for a particular show.

    Gaffers Tape is very popular amount musicians who travel from gig to gig, as will not leave residue behind like duct tape would. Gaffers Tape peels off clean and easy and have a very solid hold when used. Venues will thank you for not scuffing up their floors with tape residue and providing a safe environment for bar and club patrons.

    For the professional musician, Gaffers Tape is the only way to go. It leaves the client with a sense of trust and willingness to recommend you to others. Seismic Audio Speakers offers several different colors of Gaffers Tape. We also carry 3 different widths.... 2 Inch Gaffers Tape, 3 Inch Gaffers Tape, 4 Inch Gaffers Tape.


    Seismic Audio VS...

    Seismic Audio Speakers
    Fault Line Speaker Series
    Everyone Else's PA Speakers

    Being the "new guy" on the scene is never easy, and the new Fault Line Series PA enclosures have made quite a name for themselves already. The Fault Line Series of PA enclousures offer truly professional features at a price that makes the "big companies" blush! The specs are truly outstanding as well as the sound and performance. We realize that there are thousands of companies and models out there to compare to. We picked 3 of the biggest mains in pro audio sound reinforcement and compared their flagship affordable models to our latest line of PA enclosures. We could go on and on about who is better for the money, but we would rather let the specs and the price tag to the talking.

    1 Seismic Audio Fault Line Series Vs. Yamaha BR Series

    The Yamaha BR Series has been the "go-to" series for affordable sound reinforcement for years. They surely offer good specs at a good price. Their BR15 features 15" drivers, 1" titanium tweeters, steel handles, pole mounts and are 250 watts (program). When compared to our Fault Line 15" model, they look fairly similar. We broke down the 3 major differences for you below.

    Seismic Audio Speakers Fault Line Series Yahama BR Series
    Construction: 7-Ply Birchwood Construction: MDF
    Power Handling: 400 Watts Power Handling: 250 Watts
    Price: $370.70 Price: $597.98
    Seismic Audio Fault Line 15 in. Speakers

    2 Seismic Audio Fault Line Series Vs. JBL JRX Series

    The JBL JRX Series has been a huge hit for JBL in offering the JBL name at a cost that most working folks can afford. The specs are pretty good to! Their JRX125 Dual 15" enclosure features 500 watt power handling (continuous), 1/4" and Speakon connections, compression tweeters, and heavy steel grills. But the Seismic Fault Line Series Dual Premium Speaker does offer more power handling (800 waths continuous), metal handles, titanium compression tweeters, all birch construction (JRX's are made of MDF), as well as 1/4" and Speakon connections and steel grills. Again, the power handling and construction of the Seismic's Fault Line PA Speaker trumps the JRX's. Let's talk about money for a second. The JRX125's go for $958.00 (Musidian's Friend) while the FL-155P Dual 15" main goes for $474.99. Again, you get way more speaker for almost half the price! Here are the specs broken down for you once again.

    Seismic Audio Speakers Fault Line Series JBL JRX Series
    Construction: 7-Ply Birchwood Construction: MDF
    Power Handling: 800 Watts Power Handling: 500 Watts
    Price: $593.99 Price: $958.00 (Musician's Friend)
    Seismic Audio Fault Line Dual Subwoofer

    3 Seismic Audio Fault Line Series Vs. Peavey PV Series

    Peavey has had tremendous success at providing great gear at unbelievable prices. They hit legendary status with their famous Black Widow speakers. The PV series has now become a flagship model for affordable professional PA enclosures. Their PV 12" floor monitors can be found on stages all across the world. Featuring 500 watts power handling (program), titanium compression tweeters, steel handles, and pole mounts, they surely are a great monitor. Seismic Audio Speakers Fault Line 12" floor monitor features 300 watts (program), titanium compression drivers, 7 ply birch plywood construction, metal handles, pole mounts and 1/4" and Speakon connections. The Peavey's handle more power, but are priced at $199.00/single speaker and the Fault Line Series Speakers are priced at $269,99 for a pair. So, once again, you get double the speakers for less. Check out the breakdown below.

    Seismic Audio Speakers Fault Line Series Peavey PV Series
    Power Handling: 300 Watts Power Handling: 500 Watts
    Price: $291.99 For a Pair Price: $199.00 For One Speaker
    Seismic Audio Fault Line 12 in. Speakers