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The Seismic Audio line of indoor/outdoor speakers are perfect for bringing music to the deck or patio, as well as offices, meeting rooms, cafes, restaurants, and more. These speakers offer superior sound quality and performance. When not used indoors, they are generally mounted under covered areas like patios and eaves. Although these are not "All-Weather" speakers, these indoor/outdoor speakers are made with non-water-absorbing materials that stand up to almost any weather conditions and huge temperature variations. We offer our indoor/outdoor speakers, patio speakers in a number of sizes and with or without Bluetooth. Just as you have come to expect from the Seismic Audio name, these speakers offer superior sound quality at an affordable price. They are durable and simple to install. If you are looking for crystal clear sound that covers an outdoor listening area, these indoor/outdoor speakers are exactly what you need. Superior Quality. Affordability.  Seismic Audio.