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Guitar Cabinets: Make Every Riff Reverberate with Stunning Style and Convenience 

The guitar is one of the most iconic instruments in the world. While a talented musician who knows their way around a fretboard can make magic, there’s no denying good equipment will improve the sound.

We offer a wide selection of guitar cabinets to house your favorite speakers – they look great on the stage, keep your speakers secure, and most importantly, complete the recording or live performing setup for any guitar player.  

What Can You Expect from Our Guitar Cabinets?

Whether you’re playing smooth chords for a vocalist, busting out blistering blues runs, or shredding scales in a rock band, your speakers make all the difference in terms of quality.

We’ve been in the music industry long enough to know what guitarists look for in their studio and live equipment – our extensive inventory provides a bit of everything from looks to functionality to convenience. 

Sleek Style for the Studio or the Stage

Our guitar cabinets come in a couple distinct color variations – after all, artists are all about style. From classic black to vintage orange, we offer quality no matter the look you’re after. Both come with a black colored cloth grill, providing uniformity if you go with the black cabinet and contrast if you go with the orange. 

Sturdy Design Built to Last

Birch plywood construction isn’t just an aesthetic quality – it’s a design choice based on durability. The same is true with the metal flush corners, which all work together to keep the cab safe in the back of the band van or tour bus. When a cab is built to last, it helps the musician get their money’s worth.

Convenient Design to Make a Musician’s Life Easy 

Every empty guitar cabinet we carry has an easily removable grill and back panel. Whether you do it from the front or back, you can load or even swap speakers out if one song or set calls for a different tone than another. No matter where you’re carrying the cabinet, empty or not, top straps and built-in side handles make transport easy.

Versatility to Support Any Guitarist’s Need

With 1/4” connectors on the back, our cases can accommodate a chain of rack mounts, pedals, and processors so you can shape your sound without limits. There’s also plenty of wire inside so you can hook up your speaker no matter what brand you prefer to use. 

Quality You Can Trust

Musicians trust their skill, but they also need to be able to trust their gear. When a musician heads to the stage or the studio, they’ll be secure by bringing one of our cabinets along. Not only are they built to last, they’re sold brand new and come with a one-year warranty.

Guitar Speaker Cabinets Any Musician Can Depend On

Whether they’re playing rhythm to support vocalists or they’re burning through solos, gear is important to any guitarist. When you’ve got your speaker of choice and you need a secure place to put it, pick one of our high-quality guitar cabinets.

Guitarists, we’ve got the guitar speaker cabinet selections you need to slay the stage and sizzle in the studio. You’ll look stylish, sound great, and keep your speakers secure as they send your riffs radiating through the room.