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Plate Amplifiers: A Critical Component of Your Sound Setup

Anyone who plays music, performs, mixes songs, or runs live shows knows that it’s a cumulative effort.

It’s not just about multiple musicians and instruments coming together, playing various chords and harmonious melodies. It’s about multiple pieces of sound equipment working together to keep the sound quality crisp for the audience.

Whether a person is listening live or popping in an album, the type of amp the artist used will impact what they hear. If you’re looking to increase the power and potency of a signal to drive a speaker, you need a plate amplifier. 

Build Your Sound the Right Way with Plate Amplifiers

If you’ve spent any significant length of time playing music, mixing it, or even listening to it, you know what kind of sound you like. The more you study that sound, the more you know how much precision is a factor when crafting it.

Plate amplifiers can be a fine addition to your speaker cabinets and subwoofer cabinets. There are plenty of people who would find this option is useful, including:

  • Studio Musicians: Those who go into the studio usually spend a long time crafting their sound. Plate amps can be installed directly into speaker cabinets to deliver the punchy, crisp audio quality a musician will be proud to have on an album.
  • Live Performers: Pushing speakers and subwoofers requires a lot of power, and a quality plate amp can make it happen. From the front row all the way to the listeners in the back by the door, a good amp carries the sound across the entire crowd with stunning clarity. 
  • Sound Engineers: For some, building audio setups in homes, businesses, and even vehicles is their trade of choice. Plate amps are a powerful tool to combine with speakers to build the best sound balance to keep the customer happy.
  • Pair your speaker with a stunning sound device designed to drive the audio quality up and outward with unmatched quality. 

    Browse Our High-Quality Catalog of Sound Equipment

    We carry numerous plate amplifier options for you to choose from. Here are just a couple of the models we have.

    The SA-APLW80 is a 60-watt Class AB plate amp. It has a 120-watt peak, features a trio of inputs (1/4”, RCA, 1/8”) and comes with overload and overcurrent protection built in. With a light weight of just 3.4 pounds it is a convenient plate amp anyone should try.

    For something a little more powerful, consider going with the SA-APXL02. This Class AB plate amp boasts an impressive power rating of 300-watts, with a 600-watt peak. In addition to overload, overcurrent, and short circuit protection, it has a DC fan to prevent overheating. Designed for powerful speakers and woofers, this plate amp can be right at home on even a large setup built to captivate a massive crowd. 

    Get the Powerful Plate Amplifier You Need Today

    A strong speaker or subwoofer isn’t enough. To really push the signal and shape it perfectly before it’s blasted out to the audience, you need a plate amp. Let us help you find one today.

    Our catalog of quality plate amps are built to provide crisp sound quality and years of reliable use. Protected by smart design and one-year warranties, they give you everything you need to get your sound quality on track.