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Snake Cables

Give your band a more professional sound by using snake cables. Snake Cables offer a way to house many of your microphone cables in one heavy-duty common outer jacket for faster set up and tear down. Using snake cables will put less strain on the power amplifiers, and you'll be less likely to trip over all the cables on stage. At Seismic Audio Speakers we have a ton of high-quality audio snake cable options for all of your needs from the studio to the stage. Shop snake cables, snake cables with boxes, splitter snake cables, snake cables without boxes and even snake cable reels.

Snake With Box

Snake cables with boxes are the most popular form of audio snake cable. With this product you can get both the snake cables and box for one low price. Snake cables with boxes are available in many sizes from 8 channels to 32 channels, to ensure you have enough wiring. Our snake cables feature up to 200 feet of cord length, and have XLR and female input outlets to connect microphones and XLR male or 1/4" outputs to connect to the amps. Patch cables are also necessary to connect the snake cables to the amps. You'll be pleased with the prices of our snake cable boxes and coordinating patch cables.

Splitter Snakes

Splitter snake cables from Seismic Audio Speakers are available in a variety of sizes to meet your band's needs. Splitter snakes are available from 16 channel to 32 channels. Splitter snake cables feature the basic Y splitter setup. Each pair of heavy duty conductors is individually shielded, producing crystal clear sound while rejecting extraneous noise. XLR connectors make it easy to attach the splitter snake cable to amps and mixers without additional converters. Buy splitter snake cables for the best connection between the stage and the mixer.

Snake Without Box

Often called “fantail to fantail snakes”, our Snakes without boxes feature the same rugged quality as our other snake cables? We've got all the individual snake cables under the sun, whether you are replacing shorted out cables or adding more cables to your PA System. Individual snake cables are available with many options from 4 -24 channels and up to 100 feet of durable cord. Our Snake Cables also come with a variety of connection options so you can make connections between speakers and microphones, microphones and amps and more. Buy snake cables with XLR to XLR connections, snake cables with TRS to TRS connections, snake cables with TRS to TS connections, snake cables with XLR to TRS connections and even RCA snake cables at Seismic Audio Speakers.