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Subwoofer Cabinets

If you are looking for loud subwoofer cabinets that keep the beat rockin', then you have come to the right place. Seismic Audio Speakers offers an awesome selection of pro audio subwoofers without outlandish prices. Our subwoofers were designed to produce great sound quality at even the loudest volumes for years. Our selection of subwoofers includes 18" Chest Thumping Pro Audio Subwoofer Cabinets, 18" PA Bass Subwoofer Cabinets, 18" Down Firing Pro Audio Subwoofer Cabinets, and even 15" PA Subwoofer Speaker Cabinets with Pole Mounts. No matter which subwoofer cabinet you choose, you'll be able to keep your jams pumping from the studio to the stage.

15" Subwoofers

15 Inch Subwoofer CabinetsIf you are looking to bring in da noise for less, check out Seismic Audio Speakers' selection of 15" Subwoofers. Our 15" Subwoofer Cabinets make a great addition to any exiting or new PA System to enhance those louder notes. Adding one of our 15" Subwoofer Cabinets will ensure that those jams will be heard the way they were meant to, in order to keep your concert attendants begging for an encore, or your party guests dancing the night away. Featuring a 15 inch woofer and 400 watts RMS and 800 watts peak power, these 15" Subwoofers are the real deal. Get the best priced 15" Subwoofers from Seismic Audio Speakers today.

18" Subwoofers

18 Inch Subwoofer CabinetsFor an even louder sound, check out our largest subwoofers - the 18" subwoofers! Our Enforcer II 18" Chest Thumping Pro Audio Subwoofer Cabinet didn't get it's name for nothing! This model along with all of our 18" Speaker Cabinet models deliver that chest pumping sound night after night. Our 18" Subwoofers are ideal for a variety of uses from DJ gigs at clubs and weddings, to live concerts, and playing pre-recorded jams. These subwoofer cabinets are a perfect addition to any existing PA System to help enhance those low notes. Buy pro audio 18" subwoofers without the pro audio price at Seismic Audio Speakers.

Powered Subwoofers

Powered Subwoofer CabinetsPowered Subwoofers offer even greater chest-pumping sounds because they have a built in amplifier. With Powered Subwoofers from Seismic Audio Speakers, you can truly get the loudest sound around. Not only will you have the loudest sound, but the clearest, purest sound in town because our Powered Speakers are the real deal. Plus our Powered Subwoofers are extremely lightweight, so you have no excuse to not have them! Adding Powered Subwoofers to your existing or new PA System is easy, and won't require a bunch of extra amplifiers and cords. Buy your Powered Subwoofers today and really get loud at a great price thanks to Seismic Audio Speakers.

Studio Subwoofers

Active Studio SubwoofersFor the ultimate studio subwoofer experience, choose Seismic Audio powered studio subwoofers. They are designed for Studio use and high quality components provide for even louder, clearer sound. Using powered subwoofers also allows you to eliminate the amplifier in your audio system set up, so it's one less thing to worry about. Get really loud and clear with powered subwoofers today. Give your monitoring system that deep low end and get the performance, power, and clarity you need to make the very best mixes with Studio Subwoofers from Seismic Audio Speakers.