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Audio Cables

Audio Cables

Seismic Audio Speakers has a vast selection of pro audio cables for all of your audio needs. We offer great prices on all of our audio cables to help you rock it out for less. Speaker Cables, Microphone Cables, Instrument Cables and all the Audio Cable Connectors are in-stock at Seismic Audio. Our audio cables come in various lengths to suit any application. Our Pro Audio Cables also come in an assortment of bold colors so people won't trip on hidden cords, and to help you identify which cables are which when assembling and breaking down your stage set up. Buy your Pro Audio Cables today and start rockin' tomorrow.

Speaker Cables

Speaker CablesIn order to get the best sound out of your Pro Audio Speakers, you'll need the appropriate Speaker Cables to hook them up. We have a massive selection of Speaker Cables to hook up all of your audio speakers. In lengths ranging from 5 feet to 100 feet, we have the cable length you need in stock. Our Speaker Cables come with a variety of connection options as well, from 1/4" to 1/4" and 1/4" To Speakon, SpeakOn To SpeakOn, SpeakOn to Banana, and 1/4" to Banana. Our high quality speaker cables also feature a durable 14 gauge cord. Get all the speaker cables you need for your next concert today at Seismic Audio Speakers.

Microphone Cables

Speaker CablesMake sure your voice reaches the cheap seats in the back with Microphone Cables from Seismic Audio Speakers. Our quality Microphone Cables are available with cord lengths of up to 300 feet, so you can perform at even the largest venues without worry. Microphone Cables from Seismic Audio Speakers each feature XLR Male to XLR Female connectors. Choose Microphone cables in a great selection of bold colors that will stand out and prevent tripping and accidents on the stage. Each Microphone Cable also features a durable, heavy duty rubber cable coating for added safety.

Instrument Cables

Instrument and Guitar CablesMake sure your instruments rock out to the max with our awesome selection of instrument cables and patch cables. Our line of instrument cables includes a variety of premier guitar cables. Guitar Cables are available in lengths up to 20 feet for your convenience. We sell both standard Guitar Cables as well as Right Angle to Straight Guitar Cables. Both 1/4" to 1/4" and 1/4" Straight to 1/4" Right Angle Connections are available on our Guitar Cables. In addition to Guitar Cables, we also have all the Patch Cables and TRS Patch Cables you need to hook up your musical instruments. Each Patch Cable is 6 foot in length and features a heavy duty rubber coating and a Metal TRS with High Grade Fiberglass Insulators on each end of the cable.

Cable Connectors

Pro Audio Cable ConnectorsIf you need some additional or replacement cable connectors for your audio cables, Sesimic Audio Speakers is the place for you. We offer a massive selection of cable connectors for all kinds of pro audio equipment. Find Speaker Cable Connectors, Microphone Cable Connectors, Instrument Cable Connectors and more. We stock both male and female XLR cable connectors along with 3 pin cable connectors, 4 pin cable connectors and 5 pin cable connectors. We also carry many 1/4" cable connectors, SpeakOn cable connectors and even right angle cable connectors. Get connected with audio cable connectors for less at Seismic Audio Speakers.

DI Box

Pro Audio Direct Box DI BoxNo matter what type of audio system you are using whether it be a PA System, Karaoke System or DJ system, Seismic Audio Speakers recommends using a DI Box. A DI Box, or Direct Box is constructed out of durable solid steel and is a important safety piece for your audio equipment. Passive Direct Boxes from Seismic Audio Speakers feature a Ground Lift and Attenuator Switch. This piece of audio equipment works to convert unbalanced DJ mixer signals to a balanced line level signal and enables the connection of any unbalanced audio signal such as a instrument or keyboard.

Cable Testers

Pro Audio Cable TestersTo accurately test all your audio cables, add one of our essential cable testers to your cart today. Our cable testers can determine whether or not your electrical audio cables are functioning properly. Compromised audio cables can cause electrical fires, shocks or injuries, plus if the electrical current isn't flowing properly, your music will not sound right. Ensure safety and rockin' music at every performance by frequently testing your equipment with Seismic Audio Speakers Cable Testers.

Audio Cable Packages

Pro Audio Cable PackagesSeismic Audio Speakers now offers audio cable packages in addition to individual audio cables. Whether you are starting your own DJ Business or band or just looking for some extra audio cables, our audio cable packages are for you. We offer patch cable packages featuring some of our most popular audio cables to take the guesswork out of choosing audio cables. These packages feature audio cables with various connection options to ensure your audio equipment will be hooked up correctly and sound great. Packages include speaker cables, microphone cables, instrument cables and more. Find your perfect audio cable package today at Seismic Audio Speakers.