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10 Inch PA Speakers

At Seismic Audio Speakers we have a ton of 10" PA Speakers for you to choose from. In addition to great selection of PA Speakers, we also have the best prices on 10 inch PA Speakers in the industry. 10 Inch PA Speakers are a popular choice for guitar and bass cabinets for its punchy sound, it also works great as a PA speaker because of its wide projection area. 10” PA Speakers have a larger vertical dispersion than the typical 12” or 15” speakers, making them ideal for sound reinforcement in wider venues. Whether the application demands 10" Main PA Speaker Cabinets with Titanium Horns or PA Speaker Floor Monitors with Titanium Horns, Seismic Audio enclosures provide professional performance and reliability for a fraction of the cost of other companies . Our 10" Mains are great for both DJ's and Bands. Pair them up with a set of 15" subwoofers for a powerful and clean full range PA sound system. In this section you can browse our selection of passive and powered 10 inch PA speakers in a variety of cabinet construction materials. Whether it is for the recording studio or for practice gear, we have a 10” PA Speaker that is right for you.