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PA Speakers are an important piece of any PA system. PA Speakers are generally offered in one of two speaker types: the Passive PA Speaker or Unpowered PA Speaker and the Powered PA Speaker or Active PA Speaker. Passive speakers require the use of an external power amplifier to push the sound. Powered PA Speakers have the amplifiers built in, negating the need to an external power amplifier. Seismic Audio Speakers specializes in PA Speakers. We offer PA Speakers in sizes ranging from 6 Inch PA speakers to 15 Inch PA Speakers. They come in a variety of configurations, including the type of output you desire for your PA speakers. We have developed our own line of professional PA Speakers without the ridiculous prices. Our PA Speakers will deliver years of professional performance and crystal clear sound, so your music can be heard clearly, loudly and reliably! We manufacture several lines of PA Speakers. While you are here, be sure and check out our best selling PA Speaker, the SA-15T. Not only is it the best selling PA Speaker on our website, but it is often the #1 Best Seller on Amazon as well. We also offer many industry standard configurations of Mains and Subwoofers as well as some not so common configurations. Our PA Speakers are great for bands, home use, and professional use. Don't be fooled or shy away by are low prices on PA Speakers. If you are here looking for cheap PA Speakers, you will not find it here. At Seismic Audio, we only offer the highest quality PA Speakers at the best price!

8 Inch PA Speakers

8 Inch PA Speakers Our 8" Main PA Speakers are great choice for applications where a size and weight need to be at a minimum without sacrificing performance. Our 8" PA Speakers feature our Quake 8" woofers and a great low price. 8" PA Speakers are perfect for DJs, Bands, and even Home Audio use. Seismic Audio Speakers Brand PA Speakers can definitely meet the demands of modern sound reinforcement. We also suggest you hook up your audio speakers with our pro audio cables, to get the best sound possible. Keep the crowd at your next concert rockin' with PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers.

10 Inch PA Speakers

10 Inch PA Speakers At Seismic Audio Speakers we have a ton of 10" PA Speakers for you to choose from. In addition to great PA Speakers we also have the best prices in the industry. Whether the application demands 10" Main PA Speaker Cabinets with Titanium Horns or PA Speaker Floor Monitors with Titanium Horns, Seismic Audio enclosures provide professional performance and reliability for a fraction of the cost of other companies . Our 10" Mains are great for both DJ's and Bands. Pair them up with a set of 18" subwoofers for a powerful and clean full range PA sound system.

12 Inch PA Speakers

12 Inch PA Speakers We offer several models of 12" PA Mains. The 12" mains are a good middle ground if you are seeking the low end punch of a larger speaker without sacrificing the high end response that comes as a result of using a larger speaker. The 12" PA Speakers DJ Molded Speakers are a great choice for various uses from concerts to weddings. 12" Loud Speakers or Monitors are available in black and white styles. We also stock 12" Pro Audio DJ Speaker Cabinets with Titanium Horns, 12" Floor Monitors with Titanium Horns, 12" DJ Molded Speakers and more! Match the Dual 12" Mains with our 18" subwoofers for an incredibly powerful PA System. Make the most of your music with pro audio speakers without the pro audio price from Seismic Audio Speakers.

15 Inch PA Speakers

15 Inch PA Speakers Our largest line of PA Speakers is our 15" Main PA Speaker Collection. With over 10 types of 15" DJ Speakers to choose from, we are sure to have the speakers you need to keep rockin'!. The Seismic Audio Speakers brand of 15" PA Speakers includes 15" Compact PA Speaker Cabinets, 15" Band Speaker Cabinets with Titanium Horns, 15" Powered Molded PA Speakers, 15" Floor Monitors with Titanium Horns, 15" Band Speakers, 15" Premium DJ Speaker Cabinets with Titanium Horns, 15" PA Floor Monitors with Titanium Horns, 15" DJ Speaker Cabinets Titanium Horns, 15" Loud Speakers or Monitors in black or white, and 15" Dual Premium DJ Speaker Cabinets with Titanium Horns.

Dual PA Speakers

Dual 15 Inch PA Speakers For the loudest clearest sound on the planet, choose Dual Main PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers. Our Fault Line Series features Dual Main PA Speakers for incredible power and headroom without sacrificing clarity. The Fault Line Series of Dual Mains definitely gives the big guys(JBL, Yamaha, Peavey) a run for their money while saving yours! Dual Main Speakers feature two Pro Audio Speakers in each cabinet and high quality tweeters. Dual PA Speakers are available in 10", 12" and 15" Models. We offer Dual PA Speaker models with or without titanium as well. No matter what type of PA or DJ Speakers you are looking for to help your band rock, we've got them in stock at Seismic Audio Speakers.

Church Speakers

Speakers for Churches | PA Speakers for Houses of Worship Seismic Audio Speakers also specializes in Church Speakers. Our Church Speakers are designed to deliver excellent sound for playing church music whether live from the choir or recorded hymns. Our premium Church Speakers also are perfect for ensuring the people in the last pew can hear the preacher's sermons week after week. Church Speakers are affordably priced to help make sure churches get the audio equipment they need at the lowest possible price. These white PA Speakers are also great for formal events such as weddings. Browse our selection of Church PA Speakers today!

Molded PA Speakers

Molded PA Speakers for DJ Seismic Audio Speakers has a great collection of affordable Molded PA Speakers. Our PWS line of Molded PA Speakers are ideal for a variety of applications including playing pre-recorded music, live music and even public speaking engagements. These PWS Molded PA Speakers deliver excellent sound quality and are lightweight, making them perfect for traveling bands, or speakers who need to set up and tear down sets frequently. We offer Molded PA Speakers in several sizes to accommodate your stage area including 12" and 15" speakers sold individually and in pairs.

Powered PA Speakers

Active PA Speakers for DJ Powered Audio Speakers are generally some of the most expensive audio speakers on the market, but not at Seismic Audio Speakers. Here, you can score great Powered Speakers for the price of other brands' regular PA Speakers! Our vast selection of Powered Speakers includes speakers of all sizes including 12" Powered Speakers and 15" Powered Speakers. Our Powered DJ Speakers are available individually and sold in pairs for your ordering convenience. Powered Speakers feature built in High Efficient Amplifiers and are extremely lightweight. Buy your powered speakers at Seismic Audio Speakers today!

Replacement PA Speakers

Replacement PA Speakers | Raw WoofersIf your PA speakers are in need of repair, pick up replacement PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers. Our replacement PA Speakers are perfect for repairing or upgrading your current PA speakers, and will save you the cost of an entire PA Speaker cabinet. We offer all kinds of replacement speakers for all speaker cabinet sizes, including subwoofer drivers, titanium tweeters, standard replacement speaker drivers and horn driver speakers. Choose from aluminum or steel replacement speakers in many sizes from 6" to 18" depending on your existing speaker cabinet specifications. No matter what type of speaker replacement you are looking for, we are sure to have it at Seismic Audio Speakers.

PA Speaker Packages

PA Speaker Packages | PA Packages | DJ Packages If you are looking for an entire PA System, check out our PA Speaker Packages at Seismic Audio Speakers. We've combined many of our best products including PA Speakers, Subwoofers and Guitar Cabinets into sets so you can get what you need with one click! Whether you are a new band in need of a full set of audio equipment, or looking to start up your own DJ business or music theater our PA Speaker Packages are ideal for you. Check out our selection of ready to rock PA Speaker Packages today.

PA Stands and Accessories

PA Speaker Stands Seismic Audio Speakers is also your source for all the PA Accessories you need to accompany your rockin' new PA System. Shop through our enormous collection of PA System Accessories including PA Stands, Speaker Rack Cases, swivel and locking casters, speaker wall mounts and ceiling mounts. We also have speaker carry bags, internal speaker mounts and a variety of microphone accessories. No matter what you need to complete or customize your PA system, Seismic Audio Speakers has it at a great price.

Fault Line Speaker Series

Fault Line PA Speakers Seismic Audio Speakers is proud to carry our epic line of speakers we like to call Fault Line Speakers. As their name suggests, these Fault Line PA Speakers are designed for maximum impact and sound! They probably won't cause an actual earthquake, but they can be played pretty loudly, and clearly. This speaker line includes a bunch of high quality 10, 12" and 15" Audio Speakers, designed to meet the needs of musicians and DJs everywhere. Make your venue literally rock n roll with our fantastic line of Fault Line Speakers. We know they rock, because we sort of designed them ourselves!