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Unpowered Mixers

  • Slider 4 - 4 Channel Mixer Console with USB Interface
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    Model: Slider 4 4 Channel Mixer USB Interface 3 Band EQ

  • Slider 7 - 7 Channel Mixer Console with USB Interface
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    Model: Slider 7 7 Channel Mixer USB Interface 3 Band EQ

Unpowered Mixers

Our unpowered compact mixers stay true to the Seismic Audio mission to keep your budget in mind without compromising quality. Each model features durable construction, balanced low noise inputs and outputs, multiband EQ, and excellent sound reproduction quality. Seismic Audio PA mixers are available in 10 Channel, 7 Channel, and 4 Channel configurations, and are designed to be the foundation of your recording or live sound mixing applications. The Backbone series provides all the modern features you need and expect. Balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs, onboard effects and multiple busses, high quality preamps and silent faders; these mixers outperform their price by a large margin. If you are looking for a compact audio system solution with high end performance for your home studio, live setup, DJ rig, or other audio application, your mixer is here!