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Sound Quality

Enhance Your Music With PA Speakers

Our pro quality PA Speakers will truly enhance any type of music your band is playing. PA Speakers are also great for enhancing the tunes DJ's spin at weddings and other special events

PA Speakers enhance the music during live concerts and studio recordings in a number of ways. First, PA Speakers allow your music to be heard clearly throughout the venue, even in the nosebleed section. PA Speakers also produce crystal clear sounds, so each note you play and word you sing can be heard clearly, encouraging fans to sing and dance during your concert. Adding subwoofers and guitar cabinets to your collection of PA Speakers will further enhance your concert by highlighting the alternative sounds and guitar strings that are being played. Similarly in the studio, using a variety of PA Speakers will help define your musical talents from the rest of the pack as you record your album. The notes you play, the words you sing, and the guitar solos that occur will be heard as you meant them to be heard.

Just as PA Speakers enhance the performance of live bands, DJ's can also benefit from the crystal clear sounds produced by our PA Speakers. People trust DJ's to spin the latest jams, and many popular songs are meant to have some bass! This is where using our PA Speakers and subwoofers can help truly amplify those sounds as people dance and party. PA Speakers will also ensure that the words of the song are heard without static of feedback, which comes in handy at weddings where the crowd is silent as the bride and groom sway to the slow beat.

As you can see PA speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers can enhance live music for bands, and pre-recorded music that DJ's spin. Having great quality sounds will help your band or DJ business really take off!

PA Speakers for Summer Concerts

Be heard at your next summer concert, whether for a festival, community gathering, or summer concert in the park, Seismic Audio has the equipment you need to make any summer concert successful. Seismic Audio Speakers has a wide range of quality PA Speakers for less, shop for your much needed audio equipment today

In the midst of all the fun and excitement, let your voice be heard above the chattering crowd. Whether making announcements at a local event, singing acoustically or rocking out with your band at a summer festival, your voice will ring loud and clear with great sounding PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers. Choose from 12" to 15" Audio PA Speakers. We carry floor monitors which are great for fundraisers, summer concerts, and art festivals! But Seismic Audio Speakers doesn’t just sell speakers, we sell audio stand and accessories as well. Shop audio stands for microphones and even add wheels to speakers, perfect for all types of summer music events when mobility is needed. Audio speakers affixed with wheels are great for moving equipment from gig to gig without any hassle or damage to your sound system. From floor stands, wheels and mounts, your summer concert events will look and sound professional with help from Seismic Audio Speakers. Get high quality, affordable PA speakers for your next summer concert event at Seismic Audio Speakers.

Features Of PA Speakers

At Seismic Audio Speakers, we specially designed our line of PA Speakers to deliver the sound and durability you need from your audio equipment. Our PA Speakers feature varied sizes, several input connection types and more while delivering the best sound quality. Learn about these and other features of our PA Speakers below.

8 Inch -15 Inch Size Speaker Cabinets

When you are creating your PA System, you'll need a variety of PA Speakers to ensure your music is done justice. That's why we offer several sizes of PA Speaker Cabinets. The sizes we offer are 8" Main Speaker Cabinets, 10" Main Speaker Cabinets, 12" Main Speaker Cabinets and 15" Main Speaker Cabinets. Within these speaker cabinet sizes you'll find standard speaker cabinets to premium speaker cabinets, speaker cabinets with subwoofers and even empty speaker cabinets. We also offer some specialty PA Speaker Cabinets such as Floor Monitors, Guitar Speaker Cabinets and Subwoofer only cabinets..

Crystal Clear Sound

No matter which size of PA Speaker you choose, you are guaranteed to get the crystal clear sound you desire. Crystal Clear Sound allows each note and word of your music to be heard clearly, even in the nosebleed section. It's also important to have this crystal clear sound when recording in the studio. You don't want to have any unwanted noise, feedback or skipping on your album. Our PA Speakers will have the best sound when used with our high quality audio cables, to ensure the sounds you put in, are the sounds that come out!

Optional Woofers

If your band likes to play loud music, it's important to have subwoofers as part of your PA System. Our Subwoofer Cabinets are available in sizes of up to 18" to truly get that beat thumping. Many of our standard PA Speakers also include titanium woofers inside the cabinet already. We also offer a great selection of raw woofers that you can use to create your own Subwoofer cabinet with our empty speaker cabinet boxes. Don't worry, Seismic Audio Speakers has all the Subwoofers you'll need at everyday low prices.

1/4 inch & Speakon Inputs

Each of our PA Speakers includes a variety of connection options, so you can hook up your gear to the speakers with ease. Most of our PA Speakers includes both 1/4" inputs and SpeakOn inputs. Most microphones and guitars use these types connections, so you can hook them up to your speakers without any hassle. These connection options are also available on many of our high-quality audio cables, so those can be connected with ease as well. Using our audio cables, snake cables and patch cables will ensure that your connections are correct.

1-Year Limited Warranty

We're sure that your PA Speakers will last many, many years of even the hardest use. They'll continue to produce great music no matter how loud you play, how often you play and how much traveling and wear they endure. But, just in case, we warrant our PA Speakers for one year. We also have a money back guarantee, that means if for whatever reason these speakers don't rock your world, we'll take them back, no questions asked! We're that confident you'll love our PA Speakers.

Why PA Speakers Rock

PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers will literally ensure the beat goes on! Using a combination of our PA Speakers to create your own custom PA System will ensure that your music is heard loud and clear by fans and party-goers alike.

PA Speakers help bands rock at live events and in the studio by producing great quality, accurate sounds. There's no need to worry that your voice will come out of the speakers sounding weird or inaccurate, because our PA Speakers simply weren't designed to do that. Our PA Speakers are designed to make your band rock! Whether you play loud rock music or lighter pieces, your fans are sure to love the great acoustics at your next concert. PA Speakers, Subwoofers and Guitar Cabinets will all enhance your concerts by giving off great sounds that fans can sing along and dance to.

PA Speakers including subwoofers can also help party-goers really get down at the next event you DJ. The beats of the music will literally race through their bodies when you use PA Speakers and subwoofers to help crank up the volume. Slow songs will also be resonated with great clarity so people can enjoy a slow dance or two. With great PA speakers, the party patrons will be booking you - the rockin' DJ, for their next gig!

Affordable PA Speakers – How Do We Do It?

We often brag about how our PA speakers demonstrate the same level of quality that you’ll find in brand names but at a fraction of the cost. You might want to know: how do we do it.

We consider it important to make any musician sound their best without having to break the bank. We know that musicians do not have to spend a lot of money to have a career.

Our first step was to research the PA speaker and floor monitor market. Doing so, we discovered that consumers most frequently shop by brand and marketing tactics. We don’t blame musicians for this: the PA speaker companies spend a lot of money trying to capture the market. They produce a quality product, but charge you a premium for the name and marketing.

So we went out and figured out how to create speakers that provide excellent quality and instead of focusing on marketing our label, we chose word of mouth and good quality as our marketing tactics, leaving you paying just for good quality speakers, and not marketing gimmicks or labels

Our PA speakers and audio gear comes at a good price and the best quality. We sell our PA speakers strictly through the Internet, thus eliminating the costs of a traditional business. You buy direct from us and save money.

How PA Speakers Work

PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers are designed to work great! All of our awesome PA Speakers including Subwoofers and Guitar Cabinets work to ensure that what you sing into the microphone and play on the instruments is what is heard through the speakers.

Our speakers work best when they are connected to your musical instruments and microphones using our Pro Audio Cables and Snake Cables. Our cables are just as durable as our PA Speakers and will ensure that the sound is delivered to the speakers quickly and correctly

Seismic Audio Speakers' PA Speakers have a variety of output and input connection options including 1/4", SpeakOn, and XLR options. Our Audio Cables and Snake Cables also have these types of connection ports so you can connect whatever you need to.

Once the sound is transmitted through the Audio Cable it reaches the PA Speakers, that are equipped with titanium compression driver, varied frequency response of 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz, and up to 800 Watts RMS per cabinet to deliver the crisp, clean, loud sound you desire.

Some of our PA Speaker Cabinets are also equipped with Subwoofers and other horns and tweeters to give added dimension to your musical talents!

Uses Of PA Speakers

When you have a great PA System from Seismic Audio Speakers you can use it to keep the music playing at a variety of places. Whether you are a seasoned band, or just starting out having great quality audio equipment will help your music sound better, which will help you land more gigs and get on the fast track to success. Play these places using your PA system and you're sure to be invited back for years to come.


Concerts and local gigs are the most common place we see our audio speakers used. Local bands need great quality audio equipment from Seismic Audio Speakers to help their music be heard the way it was meant to. The audience needs to hear each beat, even from the last row of the venue. By using our PA speakers at these events, whether just at the local bar or a sold our crowd at a large arena, you'll be able to rock. PA Speakers can be used even in small venues, such as churches and weddings to produce a crystal clear sound as the bride and groom dance their first dance, or the church choir sings during the holidays. Our PA Speakers are perfect for all these events because the each beat of the music and your amazing singing voice can be heard clearly!

Album Recording

Now that your band has gone from playing the club and bar scene to large sold out venues, it's time to record an album! Maybe your band doesn't quite have the budget for a private recording session at a large record label, but you can get record label studio quality sound with our PA Speakers. Our PA Speakers will ensure that your music and singing comes across loud and clear as it's being recorded. PA Speakers from Seismic Audio Speakers will never give off static, fuzz or random volumes to maintain the quality of your albums. An awesome album is sure to go platinum with help from the defining sounds your PA Speakers produce.

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