Artist Endorsements

Aside from recording and touring the world with the band TESLA, I also produce live shows and own a professional recording studio that produces albums. I am a proud user of Seismic Audio equipment, including their PA speakers, snakes and cables. I have found the snake boxes and cabling to be tough and solid in each application..for either stage or studio use, and you just can NOT beat the prices anywhere. I am very happy with Seismic Audio's service and quality. Not too mention the colored mic cables and snake designs make the jobs much easier! Currently I have a brand new solo album called "World Peace" coming out for Christmas release on my label REDHAWK RECORDS and website: www.frankhannon.com. Also, be sure to check out www.teslatheband.com. Great doing business with ya.

- Frank Hannon, founding member and lead guitarist of multi-platinum band TESLA


Subs, Mains, Monitors and Cables

Here is a picture from my venue. We proudly use Seismic Audio subs, mains, monitors and all the cables in between. Check out our website: www.vagabondsound.com

- Dan Windisch, Vagabond Sound


Movie Screening

Me DJ'ing an event at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, GA for screening of the movie "Just Right", using tow SA-15Ts. Didn't even need my Enforcer Subs. These things ROCK!!

- Norman Thompson


They Really Boom!

As promised, here is a pic of my 2 SA 4x8 bass cabs running with my 1000 watt Carvin head at an outdoor gig last weekend. They really boom. The 8's are stretching a bit with the low B on my 5-string, but on my Fender Jaguar they were great. My guitarist could not believe how "big" they sounded. You guys should bring them back. I was even thinking of running 16 8's on outdoor gigs if you started selling them again. Thanks.

- Mark T Davis


SA-215 - 2x15 Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet

I've been an amateur bass player for over 20 years. I bi-amp my rig. On the low end I was using a Carvin 18" full range and a Stillwater Designs 18" subwoofer. I replaced both of these with a Seismic SA-215 and THIS THING ROCKS! The SA-215 not ported so I was a little worried about getting the volume I need. I hooked it up to one side of my Crown 602 and as hard as I tried I couldn't get this cab to redline my amp! Hats off to your design team. I had to readjust my crossover from around 200 Hz up to around 700 Hz to get the tones I was looking for. I received my order in 2 days. As soon as I sell my old cabinets I'm going to buy another one of these. I am 100% satisfied. Thanks Seismic!

- Jim Heggen, Bass Player for High Speed Boom


Arctic 15 - 15" PA Church Speakers White

Can't beat the features. Period.
Great finish and great sound. The speaker is perfect. Runny 1400 Mackie watts to 4 of these in our church. The 15 is a great speaker and the compression horns sound nice and equalize easily. My pastor, worship leader... loved them. Everyone is happy!


FS100 - 1/4" to 1/4" PA Speaker Cables 100'

Perfect for long high power runs.
Using a pair of these for our house subwoofers. Rubber and flexible coating has a great feel and durability. 1/4 inch ends are gold plated tips and have a heavy soldered connection. NICE!


MB-210 - 2x10 Bass Guitar Cabinet w/ Volume Control

Excellent and portable!

I found this cabinet as an excellent option fro playing live or practice, because its weight is very easy to transport to other locations, so I recommend this cab for all who need a small cabinet with great punch and volume.


New Madrid 18 - 18" Subwoofer

Great speaker, I built a 7.7 cubic ft enclosure for this speaker and left it sealed to see how it did, the kick drum and bass sound amazing live and when I want to play tunes on it I found that it was awesome for low bass with any music.

Built a second one and added ports to the first one. Now both are ported at 7.7 cubic ft and dual 4x4" ports per enclosure. This tuned them to 35 Hz and made them boom in the 50-60 Hz range. They sound great with a bass guitar live. AWESOME!