PA Speaker Systems

Superior Quality & Sound

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Musicians & DJs

Our PA Speakers will truly enhance any type of music your band or DJ is playing.

Churches & Schools

Our PA Speakers are great for church performances whether for church solos, or for church bands, and even church plays

Nightclubs & Restaurants

We offer huge variety of Audio gear for use at clubs, restaurants, and bars

Sporting Events

Our PA Speakers enhance the sound in gymnasiums, ball fields and other sporting venues

"I am very happy with Seismic Audio's service and quality.”

Frank Hannon, TESLA

Car Audio Subwoofers

Our Car Audio Subwoofers were built for everyday use to give you the deep, chest-thumping, low-end bass you desire in your car audio system.

Marine Audio Speakers

Our line of marine speakers provide superior sound quality across all 3 ranges, giving you a high fidelity sound system.

Car & Marine Audio Cables & Accessories

Seismic offers superior quality install amp kits, cables, speakers and more for car and marine audio! Everything you need to get your sound system up and running!

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