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Dual PA Speakers

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Dual PA Speakers

Your PA Speakers are the most important part of your live sound, stage, studio, and practice set up. The selection of which PA Speaker to use differs from performer to performer. Dual PA Speakers are the most popular configuration of speaker cabinet for full-range sound reinforcement. Dual speaker cabinets house two woofers and one horn generally. Available in passive or active (powered or unpowered) versions and with examples from many different lines, a dual speaker cabinet provides extended frequency range and power handling. The height of these tall cabinets also naturally places the horn at ear level or higher, where it needs to be for maximum coverage. Here at Seismic Audio, we offer you several different models of Dual PA speaker to choose from in a variety of sizes and cabinet material. Dual PA speakers are the go to speaker cabinet for those that are looking for maximum volume and coverage area. In this section you will find everything from our best selling dual PA Speakers to more budget friendly dual PA Speakers for the beginner musician and DJ. For optimal full range response and crystal clear sound, choose dual PA Speakers from Seismic.