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Parts and Accessories

Your PA gear and DJ gear are a huge investment. A lot of sweat and click equity went into finding the gear that is just right for you! Now that you have your rig ready to rock, you are going to need the right accessories to go...

Parts and Accessories

Your PA gear and DJ gear are a huge investment. A lot of sweat and click equity went into finding the gear that is just right for you! Now that you have your rig ready to rock, you are going to need the right accessories to go along with your gear. No matter what kind of musical or gear accessory you need, we more than likely carry it! Take a look around this section and get those essential parts and accessories for your PA gear.

Having the right accessories at your fingertips can mean the difference in making a quick fix or totally killing a rehersal or show. Make sure you are prepared. We offer cable connectors and adapters, crash kits for sound engineers, replacement speakers, acoustic foam for the studio, cable testers, gaffers tape, wall plates, cable ties, and much more including replacement speakers for your PA speakers and DJ Speakers.

At Seismic Audio Speakers, we know that musicians and DJ's like to rock, and sometimes they rock a little too hard and break something. Well, most of those damages can easily be fixed without having to invest in a new PA System. That's why Seismic Audio Speakers sells replacement parts for all of our gear. All you have to do is order, switch it out, and you'll be back to rockin' in no time.

Raw Speakers

So last night you blew one of the speakers or subwoofers in your PA Speaker. Hey, it happens. All you have to do is order the correct raw speaker from Seismic Audio and switch it out. We've got replacement raw speakers for all your PA speaker systems. From speaker drivers, subwoofers and tweeters. All sizes from 6" to 18" are available. You can also buy a more powerful raw speaker for your PA system if it's time for an upgrade.

Speaker Cabinet Parts

So maybe you partied a bit to hard at your concert, or on the tour bus and sort of broke one of your speaker cabinets or rack cases. It can be fixed with our great selection of speaker cabinet parts. Just buy what you broke and get back on the road. We've got casters, bolts, handles, jack plates and more. If you don't see what you need, just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you with the part you need.

Cable Connectors

If you need some additional or replacement cable connectors for your audio cables, Sesimic Audio Speakers is the place for you. We offer a massive selection of cable connectors for all kinds of pro audio equipment. Find Speaker Cable Connectors, Microphone Cable Connectors, Instrument Cable Connectors and more. We stock both male and female XLR cable connectors along with 3 pin cable connectors, 4 pin cable connectors and 5 pin cable connectors. We also carry many 1/4" cable connectors, SpeakOn cable connectors and even right angle cable connectors. Get connected with audio cable connectors for less at Seismic Audio Speakers.


So maybe you added some new speakers, or the stage just doesn't have the connections you need. Seismic Audio Speaker has the solution - an adapter. It's crucial to keep a bunch of adapters with different connections on hand just in case you need to make a change in your equipment setup. You can't have a concert without working speakers. So buy a few adapters...we've got a boat load full of them, with all sorts of different connection matchups, like speakon, 1/4", XLR and more.

DI Box

Seismic Audio Speakers recommends the use of one of our DI Boxes for every professional audio installations. Our quality Direct Boxes are made from solid steel for durability. Each Passive Direct Box features a Ground Lift and Attenuator Switch to meet industry safety standards. DI boxes can be used at clubs, churches, and even practice with all pa systems, monitor systems, karaoke or DJ systems. Add our DI box to your cart today, no audio system is complete without it.

Cable Testers

Ensure all of your audio cables are functioning properly with one of our handy cable testers. These affordable and essential cable testers are a must have for any traveling musician or DJ. Your ability to play great music is your paycheck, so it's important to regularly check your audio equipment and cables to ensure they are in good working order. Cable testers can accurately check the electrical currents of all types of audio cables including XLR cables, 1/4" cables, banana cables, speakon cables and RCA cables. Having proper electrical functionality also ensures the safety of your band members and patrons by helping to prevent electrical shocks and even fires from faulty cables. Rock out and be safe by using one of Seismic Audio Speakers cable testers.

Gaffers Tape

Seismic Audio Gaffer's tape is an answered prayer for Pro Audio Sound Engineers and Technicians! This Gaffer's tape is not to be confused with regular duct tape. As opposed to duct tape, the Seismic Audio Gaffer's tape leaves minimal if no sticky mess behind. Stays in place when you put it on the floor and pulls up easily! It comes in multiple colors and widths to fit in most any application! This Gaffer's tape is also very versatile in that you can not only use it to hold cables down and neatly organize the stage, you can also use it in the event you are out of zip ties or other cable organization tools! Stop wasting time removing unwanted residue from the stage and your gear and prevent people from tripping on the many cables it takes to run sound in a Pro Audio environment!


As your band or DJ business continues to grow, add to your PA system with Seismic Audio Speakers accessories. We've got everything you need to keep rockin, like audio speaker mounts, stands, brackets and even casters for your audio equipment. Buy one of our megaphones to really get the audience involved. Stock up on cable testers to ensure your speakers are projecting those jams at every performance. Don't worry, we'll hook you up with all audio accessories you need, and stuff that's just plain cool, for your PA Speakers.

Wall Plates

The Seismic Audio line of Wall Plates and Permanent Cable Installation parts exists to make the Pro Audio musicians life a little easier. They are a must have for all audio or video technicians. We carry several different models and configurations of Wall Plates to assist and simplify all of your cable installation projects! Any hardware you need for your studio, we probably have it at Seismic Audio!

Parts Packages

If you are just starting out, buy a parts package, so you'll have a bunch of replacement parts and proper testing equipment on hand when you need it. Our parts packages include a variety of speaker connectors, cable testers, adapters and replacement parts for our audio gear. If we don't have the audio parts package you need, email us, we'll get you what you need to keep your audio system in good working order.