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How to Upgrade your PA

August 03, 2021
How to Upgrade your PA

We all started with two speakers on sticks.  It’s simple and it works.  The enduring popularity of our Seismic Audio Speakers SA-15T speaks to how common this introductory setup is to this day.  How do you get from there to a full-service PA rental company?  Seismic Audio has the answer and it is simpler than you may guess.

First, you have to possess the right set of speaker cabinets to cover larger areas.  This has been a focus for Seismic Audio since the very beginning.  The SALA and CLA line array series are the most recent culmination of this drive.  Seismic Audio Line Array is the great equalizer in large venue production.  Available at a similar cost to a traditional PA system setup, Seismic Audio Line Array allows you enough control to cover larger areas for the same amount of power.

Second, you need to adequately power your larger PA system.  The Seismic Audio Speakers Magnitude series of power amplifiers give you a huge amount of clean power for less than half the cost of similar big-name brands.  The 2 Ohm ability also makes this series perfect for line array, since line array is made up of many speaker cabinets.  This will allow you to daisy-chain more of them and be more efficient with your use of the amp’s wattage.

Finally, one simple change to your standard setup will put you in position to handle those big gigs.  If you currently rent your PA, you’ll already be using a snake to get the stage signals out to front-of-house.  Replace your current snake with one of our Seismic Audio Speakers Splitter Snake cables and suddenly you are in position to either run a monitor mixer onstage or directly record the stage signal for distribution later.  Our Splitter Snakes utilize a hardwired Y to reliably send the same signal to two different output snake fantails.

Adding the capability of a true onstage monitor mixer, or recording solution, expands the range of gigs that your sound company is capable of completing.  With only a few simple changes, outlined above, you can become a player in your own market and start doing the larger and more high-profile shows in your region.

Seismic Audio is here to help you get to the next step.  Call one of our experts at 877-347-6423 to get advice tailored to your situation.  Post in the comments if you have any advice you’d like to share to help people expand their PA rentals business.