Top 5 Reasons to Choose Powered Speakers

August 03, 2021
Top 5 Reasons to Choose Powered Speakers

Powered, or active, speakers are the new kids on the block of the audio world.  We, here at Seismic Audio, offer many different choices for all types of situations but why would you choose this new technology over the traditional favorite passive speakers?  There are many reasons, here are the Top 5.


Simplify your PA


Powered speakers have the amplifier built directly into the cabinet of the speaker.  You get volume and tone controls, sometimes even multiple mic preamps too.  The end result is you get many crucial elements of your PA in a single box.  This makes your entire setup more simplified.  You have to carry less gear, making setups and tear-downs that much faster and easier.


Know you are using the right amp


Do you know what an Ohm is?  How about the difference between and RMS power rating and a peak power rating?  With powered speakers, you don’t need to learn any of the science behind sound reinforcement.  The amplifier and speaker are paired together for you.  Simply add your audio signal and go!




Powered speakers are the Swiss Army Knife of the audio world.  Do you need two speakers for a small gig and then a dozen speakers for playing the big venue in town?  Powered speakers daisy chain by passing the signal on from speaker to speaker.  Combine as many as you want into your own “Wall of Sound”.  It doesn’t change what you are doing on the front end.


No Need For a Mixer


Powered speakers have their own mixers built directly into the cabinet.  If you don’t need a million inputs, you don’t need a mixer.  Consider a small coffeeshop gig, one microphone and one guitar.  Plug both into the back of your powered speaker.  Use the built-in mixer to balance your levels.  That’s it.  Nothing else needed.


Be your own monitor engineer

Powered speakers work great for monitors because of the simple workflow and versatility.  They get even better, however, when you consider how much you can tweak you monitor sound with the built-in mixer controls included on each speaker.  Whether you are your own sound guy or you simply like twisting the knobs yourself, a powered speaker gives you control over the volume and tone of your monitor mix.


Check out our selection of powered speakers.  There’s something for every need and every budget.  Chat with one of our experts at 877-347-6423 if you need some help breaking down all the choices and matching one to your situation.