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Line Arrays

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Line Array

Long held as the exclusive domain of the largest venues and touring companies, line array has finally become affordable to everyone thanks to Seismic Audio. Just like its older and more expensive predecessors, Seismic Audio Line Array is a large step forward in speaker design from the standard box on a stick. Engineered to provide a very wide dispersion pattern and a narrow vertical dispersion pattern, Seismic Audio Line Array gives you full control over how you present your sound in venues and excels at outdoor performances, also. We offer the full size flagship Seismic Audio Line Array and a smaller sized Compact Line Array for situations where space and budget are at a premium. Ideal for a wide range of portable and permanently installed applications, Both will provide a clarity and consistency that normal PA systems are not capable of recreating. Line Array Speakers take your concert and outdoor venues to another level!

The SALA-210 and the SALA-215 are the cabinets that make up the SALA line of speakers. Combined with the SALA-HFrame, the Seismic Audio Line Array is easily flyable and the suspension can be easily adjusted to the angle you need for you venue. Heavy duty construction and high quality parts make this series perfect for the life on the road. Highly versatile, these cabinets can be bi-amped and also used in different configurations. Typically seen in suspended hanging towers, these cabinets will also function like normal speaker cabinets and perform a variety of functions, such as side fills and monitoring. Fixed installation or touring show, the SALA series puts you on a level playing field with the top sound companies in the world.

The CLA series from Seismic Audio is the most exciting sound reinforcement option on the market today. For the price of a standard PA, the Compact Line Array gives you all the benefits of true line array while maintaining the portability and ease of use of standard live sound options. Rugged construction and superior engineering make this the best option for working performers and sound companies. Capable of being flown in a tower form with the CLA-T-Frame or set up like a tradition speakers system with the CLA-Pole, the Compact Line array can be adapted to any situation. Small and light, the CLA-2x5 speaker cabinet and the CLA-310 subwoofer will also take up less room and be easier to move than standard public address systems.