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PA Speaker Comparisons

Seismic Audio VS...

Seismic Audio Speakers
Fault Line Speaker Series
Everyone Else's PA Speakers

Being the "new guy" on the scene is never easy, and the new Fault Line Series PA enclosures have made quite a name for themselves already. The Fault Line Series of PA enclousures offer truly professional features at a price that makes the "big companies" blush! The specs are truly outstanding as well as the sound and performance. We realize that there are thousands of companies and models out there to compare to. We picked 3 of the biggest mains in pro audio sound reinforcement and compared their flagship affordable models to our latest line of PA enclosures. We could go on and on about who is better for the money, but we would rather let the specs and the price tag to the talking.

1 Seismic Audio Fault Line Series Vs. Yamaha BR Series

The Yamaha BR Series has been the "go-to" series for affordable sound reinforcement for years. They surely offer good specs at a good price. Their BR15 features 15" drivers, 1" titanium tweeters, steel handles, pole mounts and are 250 watts (program). When compared to our Fault Line 15" model, they look fairly similar. We broke down the 3 major differences for you below.

Seismic Audio Speakers Fault Line Series Yahama BR Series
Construction: 7-Ply Birchwood Construction: MDF
Power Handling: 400 Watts Power Handling: 250 Watts
Price: $324.99 Price: $597.98
Seismic Audio Fault Line 15 in. Speakers

2 Seismic Audio Fault Line Series Vs. JBL JRX Series

The JBL JRX Series has been a huge hit for JBL in offering the JBL name at a cost that most working folks can afford. The specs are pretty good to! Their JRX125 Dual 15" enclosure features 500 watt power handling (continuous), 1/4" and Speakon connections, compression tweeters, and heavy steel grills. But the Seismic Fault Line Series Dual Premium Speaker does offer more power handling (800 waths continuous), metal handles, titanium compression tweeters, all birch construction (JRX's are made of MDF), as well as 1/4" and Speakon connections and steel grills. Again, the power handling and construction of the Seismic's Fault Line PA Speaker trumps the JRX's. Let's talk about money for a second. The JRX125's go for $958.00 (Musidian's Friend) while the FL-155P Dual 15" main goes for $474.99. Again, you get way more speaker for almost half the price! Here are the specs broken down for you once again.

Seismic Audio Speakers Fault Line Series JBL JRX Series
Construction: 7-Ply Birchwood Construction: MDF
Power Handling: 800 Watts Power Handling: 500 Watts
Price: $524.99 Price: $958.00 (Musician's Friend)
Seismic Audio Fault Line Dual Subwoofer

3 Seismic Audio Fault Line Series Vs. Peavey PV Series

Peavey has had tremendous success at providing great gear at unbelievable prices. They hit legendary status with their famous Black Widow speakers. The PV series has now become a flagship model for affordable professional PA enclosures. Their PV 12" floor monitors can be found on stages all across the world. Featuring 500 watts power handling (program), titanium compression tweeters, steel handles, and pole mounts, they surely are a great monitor. Seismic Audio Speakers Fault Line 12" floor monitor features 300 watts (program), titanium compression drivers, 7 ply birch plywood construction, metal handles, pole mounts and 1/4" and Speakon connections. The Peavey's handle more power, but are priced at $199.00/single speaker and the Fault Line Series Speakers are priced at $269,99 for a pair. So, once again, you get double the speakers for less. Check out the breakdown below.

Seismic Audio Speakers Fault Line Series Peavey PV Series
Power Handling: 300 Watts Power Handling: 500 Watts
Price: $284.99 For a Pair Price: $199.00 For One Speaker
Seismic Audio Fault Line 12 in. Speakers