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Building Pro Audio Cables for Fun and Profit

August 03, 2021
Building Pro Audio Cables for Fun and Profit

Pre-made cable is great.  We, here at Seismic Audio, make cable in all sorts of configurations and lengths.  For most situations, this is all that is needed.  Order the right cable, plug in, and go.  However, that is not always the case.  Sometimes the length isn’t quite right.  Sometimes a different connector is needed.  Sometimes you just want to make things for yourself.  Never fear, we can help.

First, read up on the process.  This article from Rane Engineering was written in 1985, yet is still the best resource for understanding how different cables should be wired.  You’ll need a few pieces of hardware, too.  Wire cutters and a wire stripper are crucial for easily exposing the bare wire you want to use.  Soldering Iron and Solder are the crucial pieces to the endeavor.  The Solder heats up and forms a bond between signal wire and the audio connectors.  Check out this video below to see how it is done.



Picking up one of our cable testers will give you an easy way to test your solders and connectors.  It’s also a great piece to have for staying on top of your cable collections.  It’s a way to weed out bad cables quickly and troubleshoot electronics on the spot.  Take a look at the video below for instruction on some of the main features of our Seismic Audio Cable Tester.



Now, the main course of the DIY-Cable buffet is the wire itself.  Seismic Audio offers our top-notch speaker cable in a variety of lengths and gauges.  The prices on our SA-SW speaker wire spools are shockingly low.  At the time of this writing. 100 feet of 14 gauge speaker in the SA-SW series was priced at $22.99.  For bigger jobs, we have bigger spools.  Our TW12S speaker wire is available in 300′ and 500′ spools, also priced extremely low.

We also offer a 500′ spool of our high-quality XLR cable.  This is the same 22 gauge shielded cable we use in our pre-made XLR cables, which are among our best-selling products.  Tried, tested and true; priced less than $5 a foot at the time of this writing.

Having the connectors and the raw wire gives you the freedom to make the cables exactly how you want them.  When you need a 60′ run of speaker cable and don’t want to use a 100′ cable or you want to create jumper cables the perfect size for your pedal board or effects/amp rack, these are some of the reasons you will want to learn to build your own cable.  As always, we at Seismic Audio are here to help.  Contact us at 877-347-6423 for advice from one of our experts, live chat on our website, or put your questions here in the comments.  Our goal is to provide everyone with world-class audio quality to fit any budget and we have many options to achieve that.