Guitarist's Guide to Seismic Audio Products

August 03, 2021
Guitarist's Guide to Seismic Audio Products

The goal of Seismic Audio has always been to sell quality gear for well below traditional retail prices.  Musicians, DJs, KJs, and sound engineers from all over the world have embraced the Seismic Audio brand for doing exactly what it sets out to do.  Not paying for marketing, not selling through a middleman … these things allows Seismic Audio to offer professional quality gear at truly affordable prices.

Do the guitar players know, though?  Seismic Audio offers an incredible selection of speaker cabinets and accessories for guitarists at a fraction of what the big names offer.  Hunting for tone on a budget has never been so easy.  Seismic Audio guitar cables, guitar cabinets, and guitar speakers will deliver the sound you want, at price you can easily afford.


Seismic Audio has been building guitar and bass cabinets since 2003.  Over a decade of experimentation and experience has gone in to producing our current lineup.  The lessons learned from creating Pro Audio Speakers regarded among the best PA speakers on the market for the money have also gone into the design and execution of our Guitar and Bass Cabinets.  Let’s take a closer look at what we have available.



Available in flat and slant configurations, loaded with speakers or empty, the SA-412 cabinet is the flagship option for when you need more loud.  Have a backline worthy of an arena show, for less than a single cabinet from one of the big names.  Seismic Audio offers many packages based on the SA-412 to help you get exactly what you want for a truly affordable price.  These cabs are built rugged to withstand the rigors of the road and rock-n-roll.  Metal corners, metal handles, metal grill and a sturdy 5/8″ plywood cabinet make for virtually indestructible cabinet.



lukeAnother hot item for guitar players are the Luke series of empty cabinets.  Very stylish and built to rigorous standards, the Luke cabs are ready for you to install whichever speaker you want.  Seismic Audio offers the Bedrock line of guitar speakers, modeled on the classic British sound.  The cabinets themselves are built of birch and designed for maximum tone.  They are available in three styles: original, modern, and vintage; with either black or orange tolex and a black or wheat grill.  You can find the Luke cabinet that perfectly suits your personal style within these variations.





Bass players shouldn’t feel left out.  They get the benefit of Seismic Audio engineering, too.  The MB series of bass guitar cabinets boasts a tolex cover and volume control for the horn.  Loaded with our premium Quake speakers, the MB cabinets sound great and are way more affordable than you might imagine.  These cabinets will pair well with any bass head on the market, even enhancing the tone with the phenomenal acoustics of the cabinet.



The Seismic Audio lineup doesn’t stop there, either.  Browse through our Bass/Guitar Cabinets section to see everything available.  We boast many different configurations.  There’s bound to be one perfect for your sound.  Just like all our products, every cabinet comes with a satisfaction guarantee and top-notch customer service.  Seismic Audio has more way to help than just speaker cabinets, though.



There’s more to guitar and bass gear than just the cabinets.  Seismic Audio offers a large selection of accessories to replace old or broken pieces and to add on to your current rig.  From the beginning of your signal chain until the end, Seismic has a solution.  Free shipping and a one year warranty come standard with every piece.  Let’s dig in a little further to see what is available.


There are two types of instrument cables to choose from.  These are the colorful and inexpensive SASTSX cables and the purpose-built and professional-quality SAGC cables.  The SASTSX are very affordable, especially when bought in bulk.  They are available in seven colors, with or without right-angle connectors.  The SAGC cables are available with a woven cloth cover in a variety of colors and patterns or with a simple black rubber sleeve.  These are gold-plated for the best possible audio signal.  These can also be purchased with right-angle connectors.  Seismic also makes a selection of patch cables and couplers for connecting stomp boxes and effects together.  All of these are guaranteed to provide noise-free audio signal transmission.  This is a crucial part of your tone.


Available in two different sizes, 32″ and 24.5″, the Seismic Audio Pedal Board Case is the best way to protect and organize your collection of boutique stomp boxes and delicate multi-effects units.  Finished in black tolex with aluminum rails, this case is also an attractive, professional-looking piece of gear.  Steel corners and locks make it tough enough to withstand a tour in the back of a van.  Seismic Audio has put together a Pedal Board Cable Kit for those of you that like to build things yourself.  It provides 15 feet of high-quality cable and 12 low-profile right-angle plugs to wire your pedal board.  Another useful piece of gear is the Seismic Audio Dual Channel Latching Foot Switch Kit.  It allows for easy rewiring to suit a variety of purposes.


That was a brief overview of the coolest pieces of gear available from Seismic Audio for guitarists and bass players.  There’s still more to be discovered.  Visit our website or call one of our experts at 877-347-6423 to find out the rest of the story.  Have you ever used any of these pieces?  Do you want to?  Let us know in the comments.