Seismic Audio Awards: Who has the Best PA/DJ Gear?

August 03, 2021
Seismic Audio Awards: Who has the Best PA/DJ Gear?

Seismic Audio has grown by leaps and bound over the past ten years.  At this point, we sell nearly 2000 unique items.  With so much variety, it can be overwhelming to sift through all of our speaker choices for exactly what you’re looking for.  With that in mind, today we’ll look at some of the best choices in a few different categories of speakers.  Hopefully, this can make navigating our huge selection a bit easier.

DJs, also KJs and anyone else that uses their PA for prerecorded music, need a speaker with a lot of power and wide frequency response. It also needs to be portable and simple to use. We’re going to look at powered speakers for this category because that is the trend with DJs in this day and age. With a powered speaker, a DJ can plug directly into from their mixer or midi controller and be ready to play tunes within a few minutes of getting everything in place. Since DJs play many gigs at non-traditional locations (parks, country clubs, beside swimming pools), the speakers they use should be easily portable. Also, having them be powered speakers, makes it easier to get your sound up and r unning at a gig with no stage and a long cable run for power. Those are the criteria for choosing the Best DJ Speaker, now let’s see what wins.

Best DJ Speaker on a Budget
This is a combination win for the L Wave-10 and the Mini-Tremor. A pair of each will keep your PA budget under $1000 while still pumping out enough volume and bass to rock any party. The signal can be daisy-chained between all of these speakers and they can be powered from a single 15 Amp circuit. Add a pair of Subwoofer Pole Mount Stands and your PA is practically complete.

Best DJ Speaker Overall
There’s only one choice for the very best in a portable DJ sound system. It’s the Magma series. A pair of Magma-215-PWs and a pair of Magma-118S-PWs is the best DJ speaker system choice available. Use a pair of SA-SPole2s to mount the large double 15 cabinet above the subwoofers. While still reasonably priced for the average DJ, this system utilizes all of Seismic Audio’s best components to provide professional sound reinforcement and incredible volume.

The 2010 US Religon Census Report states that there are over 320,000 congregations of all types in the US. Each one has its own unique needs for a sound system. Some houses of worship will only feature speaking while other have full bands and concert levels of production. Most are somewhere in between. Churches need a sound system that doesn’t draw attention away from what is important and something reliable to avoid extra budget outlays. We have a lot of choices to meet those requirements so now let’s find the best.

Best Church Speaker on a Budget
The elegant appointments of the Arctic and Lava series win this category. In essence, they are the same speakers available in black as Lava or white as Arctic. Depending on the interior design of your building, one of the two should be able to fit in unobtrusively. The sound quality is top-notch and they are available in powered and unpowered versions, as well as in many sizes.

Best Church Speaker Overall
Totally scale-able to the size of your sanctuary, the Seismic Audio Compact Line Array is the best church speaker choice. The main benefit is how directional the sound reproduction is. Being able to reproduce both spoken word and musical performance clearly is difficult. The CLA system makes it much easier by eliminating echoes and reverberations from the room. Pointing the speakers at only audience allows you to avoid harsh echos from the walls and ceiling. You get a more clear sound than traditional systems and you use less power due to the efficiency of line array.

Now, it’s time for the main event. Best PA Speaker, the real workhorses of the industry. We’re looking at passive, or unpowered, speakers here. It’s difficult with so many speakers to choose from, but our winners here are some of the best deals on the best gear in the business. Appropriately, both of these speakers are among our top selling products every month. Without further adieu, let’s see who the winners are.

Best PA Speaker on a Budget
The #1 best-seller on our website since there has been a website, the SA-15T is your best choice for an affordable PA speaker. Tested and proven during a production run that has lasted over a decade, the SA-15T can be seen in venues and touring rigs all over the country. Sturdy and versatile, it can be used in any application and survive the rigors of the road. Check out a more in-depth review of this speaker here.

Best PA Speaker Overall
Once again, we have a tie. This time the difference is powered versus unpowered. The full size Seismic Audio Passive Line Array and the Powered Line Array are the best PA Speaker system choices available today. The engineering design allows for much tighter and controllable sound reinforcement in even the worst acoustic venues. Aim the sound where you want and only where you want. Use less power and get wider coverage. The benefits are immense and the price is a fraction of the big names.

This has been a pretty generalized roundup. Every situation is different, though, and you may benefit more from one our speakers that is not on this list. Worry not, we have audio experts on call during business hours. They will take the time to go through your wants and needs and be able to suggest the perfect pieces of gear for what you want to accomplish. Give them a call at 877-347-6423 to get started on your best PA system. Disagree with any of our assessments? Have you used any of these speakers? Let us know in the comments!