Seismic Audio: Magma Best Powered PA Speakers

July 16, 2021
Seismic Audio: Magma Best Powered PA Speakers

Magma Series - The best powered PA speakers for 2021

The Magma series of PA speakers are the best powered PA speakers from the Seismic Audio arsenal. Built to rigorous standards, these speakers are solid enough to stand up to a lifetime of gigs. Each powered cabinet is matched to a purpose-built amplifier ensuring consistent sound quality every time. The single speaker cabinets, passive and active, are designed with trapezoidal cabinets. This shape allows them to easily be used as monitors, as well as PA loudspeakers. These cabinets also include pole mounts for standard PA use and a dozen M8 flying points if your venue needs the PA to be flown. All full-range cabinets boast a 90 degree by 60 degree coverage pattern making them capable of covering any area easily.

These powered PA speakers are a huge advantage over the traditional passive PA Speaker because of the built-in power amplifier.  This eliminates the need for a separate amplifier, cables, and rack case to carry around.  These powered speakers are essentially all of them in one package.

Let’s dig a little deeper on the individual models and learn more about the Magma series.

1. Single 18” Powered PA Speaker


1600 Watts of Peak power through an 18″ speaker with a 4″ voice coil provides all the low end you need in one cabinet. The Class AB amplifier will stand up to whatever you throw at it in any genre. The cabinet is built from medium density fiberboard and a powder-coated full metal grill. This speaker is solid. Helpful features like a Phase / Invert switch and an XLR Loop Through output, make the Magma-118S-PW ideal for anyone who needs a top-tier powered subwoofer.

2. Dual 15” Powered PA Speaker


Need more loud? This speaker will hit 135 dB thanks to 1000 watts RMS running through two 15″ woofers and 1 3/8″ titanium horn designed for wide dispersion. Massive 75 ounce magnets and 3″ voice coils reside inside a sturdy medium density fiberboard cabinet. The grill is powder coated steel and will stand up to the worst abuse. Bi-Amping allows the whole package to be more efficient.

3. Dual 12” Powered PA Speaker


Check out the video preview we made for this speaker:

4. Single 15” Powered PA Speaker


This is a tough-as-nails single 15″ powered speaker cabinet. It represents the best combination of power and size in the Magma line. With 500 watts RMS and 1000 watts peak power, you will not struggle to be heard whatever the situation is at your gig or venue. The medium density fiberboard cabinet is built in a trapezoidal configuration to make it able to handle monitor duty if needed.

5. Single 12 Inch Powered PA Speaker


Slightly smaller than the Magma-15-PW, this speaker still delivers the ruggedness of its big brother.  A slightly smaller amplifier, 400 watts RMS and 800 watts peak, makes the entire cabinet much lighter.  It is the best choice in the Magma line for portability.  Like all Seismic Audio products, you also get an excellent price, free shipping, a one year warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

The Magma line also includes passive, non-powered, versions of each of these speakers. 

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