Seismic Audio Product Spotlight: Passive DI Direct Box

August 03, 2021
Seismic Audio Product Spotlight: Passive DI Direct Box

One of the more crucial items for everyone’s gig bag is the DI Box.  It works on stage and, just as effectively, in the studio.  If you have never used one, you may not know what exactly it is doing.  Fortunately, Seismic Audio is here to help.

A DI Box converts an unbalanced signal to a balanced signal.  So what is the difference between unbalanced and balanced signals?  TS, or instrument, cables are unbalanced.  The cable consists of single audio wire and a single ground wire.  While ideal for simple guitar-to-amp connections, long distance runs can become noisy and the audio signal can degrade.  A balanced cable, has two signal wires plus a ground.  A microhpone cable is good example.  This design makes it really good at rejecting noise and interference.

There is another issue besides noise, however.  The literal volume of an audio signal can be instrument-leve or line-level.  Each has certain applications and certain pieces of gear that will demand one or the other.  A guitar amp wants an instrument-level signal.  A mixing board wants a line-level signal.

The most common use of a DI Box is plugging an instrument, such as a bass, acoustic guitar, or keyboard, and allowing it to be plugged directly into a mixer.  A passive Direct Box, like the SA-DI1, is perfect for this duty.

The SA-DI1 is constructed of solid steel, allowing it to take all the abuse you and the road can dish out.  It is wired with a parallel out to allow more complicated routing options.  An attenuator switch, with options between 0db and -40db, allows you to adjust output volume to the desired level.  A switchable ground lift will remove and hums and buzzes creating by power ground loops.  A one year warranty keeps your peace of mind intact.

Use the SA-DI1 for anything from a DJ Mixer to an Electric Guitar being plugged directly to a mixing board.  The balanced signal send and the line-level adjustment will make it that much easier to get the sound you desire.  This is a vital part of every PA system and every gig bag.

Are you having trouble with weak sound in your signal chain?  Call one of our experts here at Seismic Audio at 877-347-6423 to get some help tracking down the problem.  Odds are that a DI Box will be the solution.  Leave us a comment about what is the most crucial piece of gear in your gig bag.