Seismic Spotlight: Landslide Powered Mixers

August 03, 2021
Seismic Spotlight: Landslide Powered Mixers

The life of a working band is a busy one.  Booking shows, engineering shows, playing shows.  Setup and teardown.  You’re not only your own agent, but your own sound guy and road crew too.  Sometimes, you need a rack case filled with power amps and two dozen speakers to cover the crowd.  Usually, though, a much simpler solution is the better choice.  Here at Seismic Audio, we can provide the largest of PA systems for largest of venues.  We, also, offer many choices for the coffee-shop gigs and small bar gigs and all the bread-and-butter gigs for the average working band or DJ.

The Landslide series of powered mixers is a great way to simplify for your setup.  While retaining enough power to rock most venues, the Landslides add the convenience of a powered mixer design.  The powerful amp is built directly into a high quality mixer, giving you less pieces of gear to carry, less cables to run, and less headaches during load-in and load-out.  An onboard equalizer and effects engine further reduce the amount of other gear you need to for your performance.

Now, what separates the Landslide mixers from other powered mixers?  The Landslides are capable of 2 Ohm resistance loads.  That means each channel can power four 8 Ohm speakers.  Whatever configuration you can dream, this mixer can do it.  Four mains and four monitors?  Check.  Four mains and four subwoofers?  Check.  It gets even better though.  You can use the Auxiliary Send to get an unpowered monitor signal to powered monitors.  Use the internal power amp for a large PA setup and use powered monitors to keep up with the sound onstage.  The Landslide series is extremely versatile, from coffee-shops to small concert halls and everything in between.

Every mixer is only as good as the preamps it uses.  Seismic Audio found some great ones for this series.  To begin, the XLR inputs are gold-plated for superior connections for a long, long time.  Each is paired with a balanced 1/4″, or TRS, input.  The preamp was chosen for a combination of ultra low noise performance and a warm clear sound.  Each channel also has +48v Phantom Power available at the press of a button.

Each channel also boasts LEDs to show peak signal, making it easy to tell what is happening on your mixer in a dark room, and a 2-band EQ set at 80Hz and 12kHz, excellent points for musical equalization adjustments.  A five-band master EQ with a 24 decibel range allows full control over the final mix and makes for simple room-based adjustments.  The digital effects engine has 16 different effects, covering all the reverbs and delays you will need.  Simple controls allow anyone to get a professional sound.  Input volume and repeat controls let you adjust each effect to taste.  A dedicated Effect master fader lets you blend the sound how you want it.

The most exciting stat of all is the weight of the unit.  The Landslide 8P weighs less than 20 pounds.  The Landslide 12P weighs 22 pounds.  Compared to carrying a mixer and a separate amp rack, there is no contest.  You save as massive amount of weight and an equally massive amount of space.  This makes the Landslide series a great idea to keep as a back up, also.  Small and light enough to be out of the way, it still has the power and capabilities to handle the worst you can throw at it.

We’ve covered the reasons everyone should be using an audio mixer before, when you combine that with all the benefits of the Landslide series then there can be no debate.  Call one of our experts at 877-347-6423 to order yours today.  Drop us a note in the comments if you have any questions or if you’ve used one of these bad boys before.