Seismic Spotlight: MIcrophones

August 03, 2021
Seismic Spotlight: MIcrophones

Speakers are the lifeblood of Seismic Audio, but they aren’t all we do.  We carry all the cables and adapters you need.  We have road cases and all the accessories.  We also carry microphones.  That’s what we’ll look at today.  The M20 and M30 are based on the most popular designs around and have our own special tweaks that keep the price down to a fraction of the big names.  Check it out.


The SA-M20 Dynamic Microphone

The SA M-20, mic clip, and carrying case.
The SA M-20, mic clip, and carrying case.

Based on the best instrument microphone around, the M20 also handles vocals well.  This is the ultimate do-it-all microphone.  Great for drums, guitar cabinets, and any other situations where a cardioid mic is required.  This microphone works well in the studio, as well.  Solid, durable construction will keep it in your gig bag for years to come.  It has an XLR connection and a 40Hz to 15kHz frequency response.  If you’re considering the big brand name version, remember you can buy two of these for the same price and still have change left over.


The SA-M30, mic clip, and carrying case.

The SA-M30 Dynamic Microphone

This is the one.  It’s the classic design for vocal microphones with a built-in steel mesh grille hiding an internal windscreen.  Whether the source is speech or singing, this microphone will perform.  It comes with a storage case and heavy duty mic clip.  The cardioid pattern is perfect for working with monitors on stage since it will reject any sound not directly in front of the  element.  It can be completely broken down for field service or cleaning.  It boasts a 50Hz to 15kHz frequency range.  Like all Seismic Audio products, it has a satisfaction guarantee so you can try it out worry-free.


That’s not all, though.  We carry replacement mic clips and steel grilles for our microphone and all similar designs.  We also have the most cost-effective professional cables anywhere.  The grilles and cables are available in a wide variety of  colors, too.  Spice up your stage presence or make organization easier, the benefits of colored accessories are many.

We exist, here at Seismic Audio, to get you the gear you want at a better price than the big boys can offer.  These microphones illustrate that difference.  Grab one of these the next time you need a mic and see the quality for yourself.  Call our experts at 877-347-6423 if you have any questions.