Seismic Spotlight: Tremor Series PA/DJ Subwoofers

August 03, 2021
Seismic Spotlight: Tremor Series PA/DJ Subwoofers

Attention DJs.  Seismic Audio has the answer for you.  The question, of course, is “how do I get more bass for less money?”  The answer is the Tremor series of subwoofers.  Comprising four different models from 18″ to 10″, there is a sub here for every need and every budget.  The standard sizes 18″ and 15″ models will even power satellite speakers to give you a simple self-contained PA for those smaller gigs.  Let’s take a closer look.


The Tremor 18

Half the price you’d pay for a big name powered subwoofer of the same power rating, this speaker packs a punch.  Metal corners and handles, plus a thick 5/8″ plywood cabinet, all make this a sturdy and durable package.  It is built to withstand the rigors of constant gigging.  A sweepable crossover lets you tune the low frequencies exactly how you like them.  Everywhere else, you’ll find the features you expect.  Combo XLR and 1/4″ jacks for inputs.  Banana and Speakon power outputs.  Frequency response down to 40Hz.  Everything you want and need from your subwoofer.


The Baby Tremor 15-PW

Duplicating all the features of the Tremor 18, the Baby Tremor 15-PW gives you a smaller and even more affordable option.  While still providing plenty of boom, this smaller speaker is more detailed in the upper low ranges than any 18″ speaker can be.  This makes it perfect for live music and acoustic acts and DJ shows where sound quality is more important than any other concern.  The smaller size makes hauling, loading, unloading and storage all much simpler and easier than with an 18″ sub.

After the Baby Tremor 15-PW, things got weird in our lab…


The Mini-Tremor

Still built like a tank, still hitting the lowest of the lows, still possessing all the professional features you have to have … the Mini-Tremor is unlike anything else out there.  More capable than you would ever expect, this tiny package has all the power you need for your gig.  At it’s price, you can afford four of them for what you would normally be paying for a gigging subwoofer.


The Really-Mini-Tremor

But wait!  It gets even better.  Shrunk all the way down to 10″, the Really-Mini-Tremor gives you the same quality you expect from the Tremor family in the smallest package possible.  The size of this cabinet makes it as comfortable for home use as it is in stage use.  Beef up your home theater or beef up your next gig.  At 27 pounds, carry two in each arm.  At that price, buy as many as you want and have money left over.

The Tremor family is one of the more exciting series in pro audio, both for your ears and your wallet.  Check out our website or get in touch with one of our experts at 877-347-6423 if you have any questions.  Have you ever seen professional subwoofers this size before?  Let us know in the comments.