Getting the Word Out

Bootstrapping a $10 Million E-Commerce Business: Seismic Audio CEO Steve Acree

E-commerce companies are relatively easy to bootstrap. Steve tells the story of his journey bootstrapping Seismic Audio to almost $10 million in revenue.

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Customized Guitar Created With The Walking Dead Comic Books

Somehow managing to blow the "official" The Walking Dead guitars out of the water, one fan has customized his own guitar with The Walking Dead comic book art to create a uniquely creepy instrument.Seismic Audio will be giving away the guitar in a giveaway, which ends October 31, 2015.

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12" Guitar Speaker Shootout featuring Seismic Guitar Cab

Guitarists spend tons of time and money on searching for the best tones, but an oft-overlooked game-changer is your speaker selection. It’s much easier to swap out amp speakers than you might think, and will make a world of difference if you’re looking to switch up your sound.

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10 Easy Ways You Can Generate Buzz For Your Business

Steve Hatmaker, Jr., of Seismic Audio Speakers, feels the best buzz generation comes from "putting the focus on people and not the product."

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14 rules for creating a bring-your-dog-to-work policy

"From its origin in 2001, Steve Acree’s business was building speakers for musicians, assembling components, and offering products online at great prices when compared to many commercial audio speakers. He began his business while in his early 20s with only a few parts for speakers and sold them online for a few years. With the momentum Amazon provided, Steve launched his own website — where he also began selling products in 2008 — and added some additional online marketplaces"

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