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10" Monitors

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10 Inch Floor Monitors

We all know how important vocals are to a live sound performance, or any audio performance for that matter. 10 Inch Floor Monitors are the perfect monitor for vocal reproduction. The smaller size of these floor monitors allow them to have a very detailed midrange and upper frequency range. Use 10” Monitors if you need to mainly monitor vocals and instruments like an acoustic guitar. The 10 inch Monitor allows you to hear what the crowd hears and make sure no adjustments need to be made. We offer a 10 inch monitor for everyone, from the beginner to the established musician. If you are a beginner and looking for something to rehearse with, try our SA-10M - 10 Inch Floor Monitor. If you are looking for something more on the high end, you can’t go wrong with our SA-10MX - Wedge Style 10 Inch Monitor with Titanium Horn. For guaranteed crystal clear sound that will last, choose Seismic Audio 10 Inch Floor Monitors.