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A decent microphone is essential for any live band, or DJ. Live bands often require several microphones for their singers to project their amazing voices. DJs use microphones to offer shout outs, music requests and announce raffle or door prize winners. DJs also need that microphone to introduce the new Mr. & Mrs. at their wedding reception and let dancers know when it's time to hustle. At Seismic Audio Speakers, we have a great collection of microphones to ensure those tasks are complete at awesome prices.

Handheld cardioid dynamic mics are the name of the game in live sound. The cardioid pickup pattern ensures great sound rejection from sources other than what you want to amplify. Being dynamic, our microphones will not require +48v phantom power. The SA-M20 excels as an instrument mic, whether that instrument is a snare drum or a guitar cabinet. It’s good for speech and singing also. The SA-M30 is the classic vocal microphone. Sturdily engineered from a time-tested and proven design, the steel mesh cap hides an internal windscreen and protects the element from the abuse of performance and travel. For more discreet applications, the SA-M40 is a clip on lapel microphone. It is an omni-directional condenser. It is more sensitive and picks up in a larger radius than a typical handheld mic. This makes it ideal for public speaking situations. Shop our selection of Microphones for vocals and instruments. You will see that we offer the best selection of Microphones for PA and DJ use at the best prices around.