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As a musician, as a DJ, your sound is ever changing. Why shouldn’t your speakers do the same? In the music industry at large and, specifically, here at Seismic Audio, Powered PA Speakers are becoming the most popular live sound configuration for the working entertainer. Self-contained and versatile, these active speakers are likely a good choice for your situation also. Our varied lines of powered speakers are ideal for those who want to just plug in, turn up, and rock out. With these self-contained active speakers, our experts pair the best suited power amp with some of the best speakers around. We handle the resistance matching, the engineering and all the other little details that would slow you down with a traditional passive speaker system. Powered speakers make your life easier and remove the barriers between you and a professional PA system. We have an active speaker system for every situation. From the church to the club, any house of worship and any venue, one of our public address systems will fit the bill.

If you value simplicity, our SA line is all power with features you need for any type of sound reinforcement. Our SA-15T-PW Powered PA/DJ Speakers excel as mains for band, dj, kjs and anyone that doesn’t want to sacrifice quality while paying the lowest prices around. Mainshocks and L-Waves keep that power and basic simplicity but add the features you need for real versatility. High quality mic preamps and onboard mixers make either of these a great choice for solo performers or artists moving between all sizes of venues. Our Magma line is the gold standard. The frequency response, sensitivity and power make it the top all-around performer. The built-in fly points also make the Magmas ideal for installations The Arctic series steps in if you prefer the clean white look for your install or stage show. The PWS-15 Powered 15 Inch PA/DJ Speakers has long been our most popular and best selling Powered PA Speaker.

Seismic Audio powered speakers feature solid construction from the best materials. Cabinets are composed of true birch plywood or strong, impact resistant ABS plastic. They feature titanium compression drivers and wide-dispersion horns. The woofers are top of the line and separated from the high frequency drivers by bulletproof crossovers. Handles, pole mounts, and fly mounts are machined from steel for long life and durability. Built-in equalizers and preamps and the ability to daisy-chain make our active speakers the hallmark of versatility. Whether you are playing in a live band, recording in the studio, hosting a karaoke event or playing a DJ gig, you need high quality audio at an affordable price.

Browse our huge selection of Powered PA Speakers. We are sure you will find one to suit your needs. For the cost conscious musician and DJ, take a look at the PWS Series of Powered PA Speakers and our Mainshock Powered Speakers. Looking for something more high end? You can not go wrong with our Magma Series Powered PA Speakers.

If you stumbled upon us looking for a cheap Powered Speaker, you have come to the wrong place! At Seismic Audio, we have no middlemen or any high markups. Just high quality pro audio equipment at a price you will love. You’ve found the best bargain in professional audio. The Seismic Audio warranty and satisfaction guarantee means you can try our speakers with confidence. You won’t be disappointed. Not sure which is the right Powered PA Speaker for your application? Give our live sound experts a call and let them help you pick the perfect Powered PA speaker for you.