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Powered Floor Monitors - Active Floor Monitors

A powered, or active, monitor has a power amplifier built into the cabinet. You will also general find tone and gain controls, also. Having this much control at your fingertips, plus not having a need for extra equipment to make your monitor work, makes powered monitors a great choice for those people getting started with live music or those people that value convenience and quick setups. You also get the consistency and reliability that comes from having a perfectly matched power amp and speaker cabinet.

The growing popularity of powered floor monitors is a testament to their convenience and versatility. The essence of a floor monitor is to make sure you hear what the crowd hears and a powered floor monitor makes the job much easier. Here at Seismic Audio, we offer several lines of powered monitors to choose from. From our best selling SAX-10M-PW Powered Floor Monitor to our budget friendly SA-12MT-PW wedge style powered monitor, we are sure to have a powered floor monitor to fit your application.