Presenting Seismic Sessions

August 03, 2021
Presenting Seismic Sessions

Seismic Audio is proud to launch a new video showcase for up and coming bands entitled Seismic Sessions.  Our first session is now live and available on our YouTube page.  The artist is wzuh, a local hip-hop artist whose lyrics will challenge you to think and grooves will get your body moving.  He’s backed by a hand-picked band representing decades of performing experience.

For the artist and viewer alike, Seismic Sessions provides a unique opportunity to hear Seismic Audio gear being used to its highest potential.  In this session from Wzuh, all the microphones are SA-M20s and SA-M30s.  All the cables are Seismic Audio cables.  Monitoring was done through a pair of SAX-10M-PW floor wedges.  The dispersion pattern of those monitors made it very easy to capture a great sound without bleed.  The drummer was given a powered 15″ Faultline monitor to make sure he had the power to hear himself over the stage mix.

Finally, all that was run into our Seismic Audio Compact Line Array and powered by two Magnitude 3600 power amplifiers.  The highly directional nature of line array made it easy to not interfere with recording.  The bass tone is coming from a prototype Seismic Audio 2×12 bass cabinet and they keyboard is routed through a Seismic Audio direct box.

Seismic Sessions are filmed at our national headquarters in a specially built soundstage.  Seismic Audio acoustic foam helps create the excellent room sound.  Also, a hand-built 300 square foot stage with movable drum riser and a full-size lighting rig complete the performance area.

The artist of the day, wzuh, wasn’t done talking about the experience though.  He elaborates below.

“The Seismic Sessions experience was amazing. I’m just thankful for all of those that made it possible. From the seismic crew to the band, we all enjoyed ourselves together while doing what we love. That’s what it’s about. Unifying. Much love to Seismic. I’m blessed to have been a part of Seismic Stages.”

If you’re interested in having your band featured on Seismic Sessions, send an email to  If you want to learn more about the gear we create and how we used it, call us at 877-347-6423.  Let us know in the comments what you think.