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15" Subwoofers

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15" Subwoofers - Stage Subwoofers

Bands, DJs, acoustic acts, and Karaoke Jockeys should all consider a 15” subwoofer instead of the standard 18” sub. The smaller speaker size won’t go quite as low as an 18” speaker, but they will be more detailed and clear in a slightly higher frequency range. The perfect choice for all applications that don’t require the lowest of the low notes, the price of a 15” subwoofer will also beat the price of an 18” subwoofer every time. Best suited for smaller venues, our 15 inch subwoofers are available in both powered and passive models. We have several models to choose from in this section, so shop around and find the one that is right for you. Enjoy free shipping from Seismic Audio on all of our 15” Subwoofers.