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18" Subwoofers

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18 Inch Subwoofers - 18" Stage Subwoofers

Our 18 inch Subwoofers are the biggest baddest speaker cabinets around. For true low end power, there is no substitute for an 18” subwoofer. To reach the lowest audible frequencies, you must use an 18” sub. This size of speaker is the most common configuration for bass and low end rumble for good reason. Get your boom, get your thump, get them all from Seismic Audio at a fraction of the price of the big name brands. Seismic Audio offers many different models of 18 inch subwoofers to choose from, including powered and passive versions. The number of subwoofer cabinets you will need is dependant on a number of factors. Preference also plays a huge part in your decision. In this section you will find Powered 18” Subwoofers, Passive 18” Subwoofers, Down firing subwoofers and 18 inch subwoofers with folded horns. Shop around and see which of our 18” Subwoofers is right for you. If you still can not decide, call one of our audio experts to help you decide on the best 18” Subwoofer right for you.